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70 cm wide shelves made to measure

Design your personal 70 cm wide shelf in our easy 3D planner or gather inspiration through our pre-made designs.


6 materials and
11 types of solid wood


Materials from sustainable

"Discover at Pickawood our high quality shelves made to measure with a width of 70 cm. We customize each piece of furniture and deliver it to you free of charge."


Tim Ehling

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Your 70 cm wide shelf made to measure

In a few clicks to your 70 cm wide shelf

Determine external dimensions

You can configure your 70 cm wide custom shelf up to 3 meters high and 6 meters wide.

Choose material

Choose your dream material for the 70 cm wide shelf from 11 types of solid wood and 6 materials.

Select fronts

Design your 70 cm wide shelf with drawers and doors according to your wishes.

Discover our 70 cm wide shelves

Pickawood: 70 cm wide shelves

If you are looking for the perfect shelf for your apartment, it is necessary to think about the right size. The perfect size depends on many factors? How big is the room where the shelf will be placed? What design will suit my apartment? What items do I want to put on the shelf? One variant, with which you can not do anything wrong, are shelves with a width of 70 centimeters. 70 cm wide shelves fit both smaller and large apartments, and because they are not too small, they also provide enough storage space. You can find a variety of different models of 70 cm wide shelves at Pickawood. Pickawood is the ultimate online joiner when it comes to furniture from the Internet. Here you have the chance both to buy shelves already designed to the end and to plan some yourself.

Pickawood's state-of-the-art online configurator: Here you can plan the perfect shelves for your home.

If you have precise ideas about how the perfect shelf with a width of 70 centimeters should look like for your home, Pickawood is the right place for you. For planning furniture Pickawood provides its customers with a user-friendly online configurator. With its help, you can design every detail of your 70 cm wide shelf yourself, no matter how small. In addition to user-friendliness, the configurator has a lot of other advantages. It is clearly laid out and takes very little time. You don't need to plan hours for planning by means of the configurator. In fact, with its help, you can get the 70 cm wide shelf of your dreams in just a few minutes. Basically, designing your shelf involves only eight steps. In the first step, you determine the external dimensions of your furniture. Then you can choose the material that you like the most. The following materials are available, among others: MDF coating as well as varnish, veneers of real wood, multiplex and solid wood. After determining the material, the next step is to specify its thickness. The fourth step is to adjust the base of your shelf. Basically, you can choose between shelf with baseboard and shelf without baseboard. A base has two major advantages: It is visually appealing and brings a high level of stability. If you want to fix your shelf to the wall, no plinth is needed. In this case, you will need an additional wall bracket. The fifth step deals with the columns. Here you can choose the number of columns. In the 3D model you can easily and clearly move the width of the columns. In step number 6 you add the number of compartments. Like the column width, the shelves can be easily moved in the 3D image by mouse click. After that, doors as well as drawers can be added to the shelves of the shelf. If you are planning to store particularly important documents in the shelf, Pickawood has just the right tool for you. You can equip one or more doors or drawers with a lockable lock. This way you can be on the safe side and not worry unnecessarily. At this point comes the last step. If you want to equip your 70 cm wide shelf with additional options, now is the right moment. For example, you can choose a back panel, rows of holes and cutouts for a baseboard. The already mentioned wall bracket for a hanging shelf can also be added at this point. Once you have completed the configuration of your 70 cm wide shelf, you can send the order to Pickawood. The carpenters will immediately take care of the manufacturing of your product. Only high quality woods are used for this purpose. These are selected with the utmost care and come from sustainable forest management.

What is the advantage of the rows of holes of my shelf with a width of 70 centimeters?

The rows of holes are usually drilled with a spacing of 32 millimeters in custom made shelves from Pickawood. The great advantage of rows of holes is the flexibility that comes with it. The rows of holes are provided with metal pins, on which the shelves are subsequently placed. Due to the regular arrangement of the rows of holes, the metal pins and thus the shelves of the compartments can be moved as desired. However, Pickawood recommends its customers to fix a few of the shelves to ensure sufficient stability of the 70 cm wide shelf.

I would like to move my 70 cm wide shelf to the wall. How should I proceed?

If you would like to move your shelf to the wall, a recess can be made on the back for a baseboard. You can specify the dimensions for this in the online configurator during the planning process. The experienced carpenters will take care of a clean and careful implementation.

Why should I equip my 70 cm wide shelf from Pickawood with a base?

In principle, a plinth is recommended for all larger pieces of furniture. The plinth has both visual and practical advantages. It is solidly processed and therefore brings a high degree of stability. The base is made of the same material as the rest of the shelf and has a height of about seven centimeters. The planned size of the shelf is not changed by the height of the base.

I would like to equip my 70 cm wide shelf with handles. What choice does Pickawood provide me with?

At Pickawood you can choose between eight different handle models. As a rule, these handles are made of aluminum. If you prefer wooden handles, they can be made on request. In the online configurator, you can select the doors and drawers that you want to be equipped with a handle.

I would like to get some inspiration? Are there opportunities to do so at Pickawood?

If you are looking for inspiration, the customer:interior gallery is just the place for you. It contains product photos from everyday situations that enthusiastic customers have sent to Pickawood.

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