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Custom made 60 cm wide shelves

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"Discover at Pickawood our high quality shelves with a width of 60 cm made to measure. We customize each piece of furniture for you and deliver it to you free of charge."


Tim Ehling

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You can custom design your 60 cm wide shelf up to a height of 3 meters.

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Choose your dream material for the 60 cm wide shelf from 11 solid wood species and 6 materials.

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Provide your 60 cm wide shelf with doors and drawers according to your wishes.

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Pickawood: 60 cm wide shelves

Shelves are the all-rounders in your own four walls. With our online configurator you simply design 60 cm wide shelves made to measure. In addition to the width of 60 cm, you can flexibly adjust the height and depth. In addition, there are many options to choose from to design the 60 cm wide shelf according to your individual wishes. There are almost no limits to your imagination. Because we even make custom designs for you after consultation. So you can quickly and easily create bookshelves, wall shelves, side shelves or room dividers. The 60 cm wide shelves made to measure adapt to the spatial conditions in your home, so that you can enjoy them for as long as possible. We use high-quality wood from sustainable forestry for our custom work. If you still have questions, we will be happy to advise you free of charge. Our goal is to implement even special custom requests for you.

Countless options in the online configurator for 60 cm wide shelves.

With our online configurator you can design your own 60 cm wide shelf in no time. So you have the possibility to choose a shelf height of up to 300 cm. On top of that, you can determine a shelf depth between 15 cm and 60 cm. With the flexible dimensions, you get exactly the shelf that fits your space to the centimeter. Unlike standardized shelves, you do not have to compromise.
You also have a wide choice of materials. You can choose between solid woods, real wood veneers, coated or lacquered MDF boards, premium decors on chipboard or multiplex. This leaves nothing to be desired. Furthermore, you determine the material thickness for carcass, side panels and shelves. In addition, you have the option to configure a 60 cm wide shelf with or without a skirting board. A skirting board gives your shelf a good stability and a noble look. An optional baseboard recess ensures that your custom shelf can stand close to the wall despite the baseboard.

Then you determine the number of columns. For a shelf with a width of 60 cm, a maximum of two columns are possible. For each column, you can specify the number of compartments. The number, height and positioning of the compartments can differ from column to column. For each compartment you can then add doors, fronts and drawers depending on the size. The design possibilities are endless. For example, you can choose between glass doors, hinged doors, folding doors or mirrored doors. Each element can be equipped with either handles or push-to-open.
Finally, various additional options are available to customize your 60 cm wide shelf to your needs. For example, you can add a wall bracket to your shelf to use it as a hanging shelf. For greater flexibility, we can add rows of holes to your shelf. Then you can flexibly change the height of each shelf. In addition, you can add a back panel to your shelf. If you want to use your shelf as a room divider, then we will design the back visually the same as the front. With the additional options, you get a completely customized shelf, which is unique.

Can the shelves be customized?

With the 60 cm wide shelves, you have a maximum of two columns and you can specify your compartments individually in the shelf configurator. You do not have to arrange the compartments symmetrically in the individual columns. Therefore, you can set the number and the heights according to your ideas. If you do not order rows of holes as an additional option, then the compartments are fixed and can no longer be adjusted. If, on the other hand, you book rows of holes, then later you will have the opportunity to place the shelves at a distance of 32 mm as needed.

Can a shelf door also include several shelves?

Of course, you can generally design a single shelf door for several shelves. To do this, simply select the different compartments in the online configurator using the plus sign with the mouse. You will then be shown the different options for the doors. If you have any problems with the design of the shelf doors, then feel free to contact our interior design advice.

Can the back panels of shelves also contain cable outlets?

We are happy to implement your special requests. Therefore, we naturally also manufacture cable outlets. In order for us to know exactly where the cable outlets should be located, please send us a sketch by e-mail. This sketch should contain the exact dimensions and the positions of the cutouts.

Does a room divider have a back wall?

A shelf with a width of 60 cm can be configured as a room divider. This then means that the shelf is visually mirrored. Thus, the front and the back of a room divider are identical. Normally, a room divider does not have a back wall by default. But you can, of course, choose a back wall with a custom room divider. A back wall is always recommended if the room divider consists of only one column or two columns. Because then the stability increases.

How do hanging shelves need to be fixed?

If you want to use your 60 cm wide shelf as a hanging shelf, then there are special wall brackets in each vertical cheek. If you want such wall brackets, you need to activate them in the additional options. However, wall shelves must not contain skirting boards and a back panel. In order for wall mounting to be possible, you must also observe maximum dimensions. This is because not every shelf size is suitable as a wall shelf.

What special requests can be implemented?

We are always there for you and are happy to implement your special requests, so that your 60 cm wide shelf fits 100% to your spatial living situation. With regard to your special requests, you can also send us a sketch and contact our furnishing advice. For example, a depth protrusion on a 60 cm wide shelf offers yet another design option. In addition, we can implement, for example, interior lighting or plinths closed on both sides. In addition, a corner shelf design is also possible.

How to assemble the 60 cm wide shelf?

For every 60 cm wide shelf you will of course receive assembly instructions. With these assembly instructions, you can build your shelf step by step. In addition, you have the option to book an assembly service during the ordering process. Then your custom shelf and, if necessary, other custom furniture will be assembled for you by qualified professionals.

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