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"Plan your shelf with a depth of 60 cm step-by-step according to your ideas. If you have any questions about your planning, our competent interior design consultants will be happy to help you."


Tim Ehling

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Determine dimensions and material

Design your 60 cm deep shelf up to a height of 3 meters and a width of 6 meters and choose your desired material from 6 materials and 11 types of solid wood.

Design 60 cm deep shelf

Customize the number and division of columns and compartments and provide your 60 cm deep shelf with different doors and drawers.

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Pickawood UK: 60 cm deep shelves made to measure

Are you looking for the perfect 60 cm deep shelf made to measure? Then you probably know very well that the search for the ultimate piece of furniture, which corresponds exactly to one's own wishes and ideas, is not so easy. On the contrary, it often looks like you can't even get a suitable piece of furniture without a lot of compromises. Fortunately, at this point the search has come to an end. Help comes in the form of Pickawood UK. Pickawood UK is the best place to go when it comes to 60 cm deep custom shelving. But at this company, you don't just get already designed shelves. Here you have the opportunity to plan your 60 cm deep shelf exactly so that it perfectly fits your home in terms of its dimensions and design. After all, furniture in general should adapt to the particular apartment and not vice versa. Anyway, good shelves bring some advantages. Provided that you have suitable dimensions, they do not take up valuable space and keep things tidy. Pickawood UK's individual shelves are all made of high quality wood of the best quality. Since Pickawood UK is aware that the future of all of us must be in the sign of sustainability, the company procures only wood from certified forest management. With your 60 cm deep custom shelf from Pickawood UK, you have two reasons to be happy. Not only do you get a sustainable product, but also one that promises a lifetime of pleasure due to its quality.

The extensive range of Pickawood UK: take a look at the wide selection of 60 cm deep shelves already designed to the end.

If you are unsure which 60 cm deep shelf is really right for you, it is recommended to take a look at the wide range of Pickawood UK. For this, you only need to go online to the company's website. In the category you will find 60 cm deep shelves of various dimensions, designs and materials. Maybe they are lucky and there is just the right 60 cm deep shelf for you. In the event that you particularly like a particular design or measure, you also have the option to work with it in the online configurator.

The Pickawood UK online configurator: making your wishes come true

You have exact ideas how your 60 cm deep custom-made shelf should look like? Then Pickawood UK's state-of-the-art online configurator is just the right tool for you. The user-friendly configurator gives you the unique chance to get your dream furniture within minutes. Before you start the configuration, you should specify whether you want your shelf to be a bookshelf, a tiered shelf or a room divider, for example. Custom solid wood shelves and custom libraries are also possible. Then you can plan the 60 cm deep custom shelving of your dreams step by step. The first step involves determining the external dimensions. An assembly distance must be observed if the shelf is to be installed in a niche or ceiling-high. Then the material as well as the material thickness are determined. In the fourth step, the plinth is adjusted. A plinth is a visual eye-catcher, but is also recommended for stability reasons on the part of Pickawood UK. You also have the option of not adding a plinth. In step number 5, the columns are determined. You can determine the desired number yourself. By mouse click you can move the column widths directly in the 3D image. After the columns, the number of compartments is selected. Subsequently, any doors and drawers can be added if desired. Especially for important documents it is recommended to add a lockable lock. This way you play it safe. In the eighth and final step, you can indulge your attention to detail and add additional options.

What additional options can I add to my 60 cm deep custom shelf in Pickawood UK's online configurator?

Pickawood UK customers have the possibility to add several additional options to their 60 cm deep shelf in the last step of the online configurator. You can find a comprehensive explanation of each option by clicking on the info icon on the right. Among the possible additional options are rows of holes, a back panel and recesses for a baseboard. If you want to hang your 60 cm deep custom shelf on the wall, we also recommend a wall bracket.

I need help configuring my 60 cm deep custom shelf. Who can I contact at Pickawood UK?

If you have any questions or need tips on how to plan your 60 cm deep custom shelf, feel free to contact Pickawood UK's interior consultants. They will be happy to help you. In principle, it is possible to contact them by telephone, in writing by e-mail or in person directly on site.

I am unsure which material is the right one for my 60 cm deep shelf. Do I have the possibility to get wood samples at Pickawood UK?

If you are looking for the perfect material, you can ask Pickawood UK to send you wood samples. The wood samples will be delivered directly to your home in a very uncomplicated way. You can look through them at your leisure and then make a decision.

Do I have the possibility to equip my 60 cm deep custom made shelf with handles at Pickawood UK?

You can either equip your 60 cm deep made-to-measure shelf with handles or with a push-to-open function. If you want handles, you can choose from eight different designs. These are generally made of aluminum, but can also be made of wood if desired.

I have made a sketch of my desired 60 cm deep shelf. Can I send it to Pickawood UK?

If you have already put your wishes on paper, you are welcome to send them to Pickawood UK. The employees will look at your ideas and then make you a non-binding offer.

Any questions? Contact us.