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Custom made 50 cm deep shelves

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"Plan your shelf with a depth of 50 cm step-by-step according to your ideas. If you have any questions about your planning, our competent furnishing advisors will be happy to help you."


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Designing 50 cm deep shelves in 3D

Determine dimensions

You can configure your 50 cm deep custom-made shelf up to a width of 6 metres and a height of 3 metres.

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Choose your dream material for the 50 cm deep shelf from 6 materials and 11 solid wood types.

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Equip your 50 cm deep shelf with drawers and doors according to your wishes.

Our most popular shelves with a depth of 50 cm

50 cm deep shelves from Pickawood

50 cm deep shelves are a classic piece of furniture and are made to measure by Pickawood. They can be found in very many homes. We think that this popularity is no coincidence. Shelves with a depth of 50 cm can be room dividers in the bathroom, storage space for files in the basement, bookshelves in the living room and shelves for toys in the children's room. For the depth of 50 cm, Pickawood offers these shelves in solid wood, real wood veneer or multiplex as well as in various heights and widths, such as (HxW):

  • 174 x 90 cm
  • 153 x 128 cm
  • 157 x 116 cm
  • 174 x 113 cm
  • 169 x 102 cm
  • 165 x 55 cm

Of course, these are only suggestions for dimensions and design. In principle, Pickawood manufactures the shelves with a depth of 50 cm according to your desired dimensions. The design suggestions are for your inspiration and could of course also be adopted. The shelf with a depth of 50 cm is versatile and serves not only as storage for your accessories, vases, pictures, books and souvenirs, but also as a tidy system. Also accommodate your DVDs, Blu-Rays and CDs, decorations, picture frames, plants, tea lights, speaker boxes, lamps, spirits or high-quality wine in 50 cm deep shelves by Pickawood. Shelves with a width of 50 cm are ideal for everything that you always need within reach in your home and also want to display.

The most common locations for the 50 cm deep shelves by Pickawood

The shelves with a width of 50 cm cut an excellent figure in the generously proportioned living room, where they complement a sideboard, for example, and as a counterpoint to the closed wardrobe or chest of drawers bring more openness into the living culture. In the hallway or study, they serve as a shelf and storage space for various small items that you always want to have at hand. Children and teenagers love 50 cm deep shelves by Pickawood as a place for their many treasures that they want to keep an eye on. The stylish shelves by Pickawood are characterised by their high-quality materials and the modern elements that we design for you according to your wishes.

50 cm deep shelves from Pickawood with attractive design

When choosing 50 cm deep shelves from Pickawood, match the design to your already existing furniture. As a rule, you buy shelves last, when the wall unit, the sofa set, the TV corner or other style elements are already present. Pickawood's 50 cm deep shelves are available in any colour and size, so you can add the finishing touch to your interior. Our advisors will be happy to help you configure them, which is fun and easy. Find your 50 cm deep shelves from Pickawood now!

What are 50 cm deep shelves from Pickawood best suited for?

Due to their special depth, they accommodate larger furnishings and accessories, such as a beautiful flower bowl and your favourite decorative items. Depending on the size and width of the 50 cm deep shelf, it can be an excellent room divider in the bathroom, living room or bedroom. In the hobby room, it is practically indispensable thanks to its large storage space.

How do I find the right design for the 50 cm deep shelf from Pickawood?

Use your existing furniture as a guide. In our online configurator, you can see all conceivable designs that match any basic furnishing in your home. When making your selection, the following applies: You can choose the same colours - for example to match your wall unit - but also complementary colours. The latter is a slightly bolder, but nonetheless very colourful way to design your interior.

What height and width do I choose for the 50 cm deep shelf?

As far as height is concerned, it is best that the top edges are flush with existing furnishings. Measure the width at home: Look for the gaps where a shelf with a depth of 50 cm would most likely fit. Then configure exactly this width with us. You will receive a custom-made product from Pickawood!

Which interior style do 50 cm deep shelves from Pickawood support?

Shelves with a depth of 50 cm support the open, spacious furnishing style. They subtly create a light, airy feeling, which admittedly also needs a counterpart within the room in the form of a wardrobe or a sofa set. Exactly how you deal with this depends on the size of a room and also the arrangement of the windows and thus the incidence of light. You can certainly arrange one side of the room with a sideboard and shelves, facing the wardrobe and couch on the other side.

Is the 50 cm deep rule suitable as a bookshelf?

Of course you can put books on one or two shelves of the 50 cm deep shelf from Pickawood, but not on the entire shelf. That could be a waste of space: The depth of 50 cm really offers a lot of space. For a pure bookshelf, we recommend a depth of 25 to 30 cm. Loosen up the shelves with a depth of 50 cm with planted bowls, pictures and other eye-catchers.

How do I set accents with 50 cm deep shelves from Pickawood?

Ideally, the shelf supports an already existing look of the room through its own design, the choice of material and the colour. Furthermore, it is a place for the personal touch and for mementos. Jugs, a basket with magazines and a container with accent pillows add a quaint touch to the 50 cm deep shelf. Another shelf may hold the souvenirs and photos of great trips or important family celebrations. The framed pictures of the dearest relatives also find their place here. In this way, the 50 cm deep shelf from Pickawood becomes a shrine to memories.

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