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Customised 15 cm deep shelves

Configure your personal 15 cm deep shelf online with our simple 3D planner - at home or on the go.


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"Design your shelf with a depth of 15 cm according to your ideas conveniently in our 3D configurator. If you have any questions about your planning, our competent furnishing advisors will be happy to help you."


Tim Ehling

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15 cm deep shelves at our customers' homes

Design your custom made 15 cm deep shelf 

It works as simple as this

Set dimensions

You can custom design your 15 cm deep shelf up to a width of 6 metres and a height of 3 metres.

Choose material

Choose your dream material for the 15 cm deep shelf from 11 solid wood types and 6 materials.

Select fronts

Equip your 15 cm deep shelf with doors and drawers according to your wishes.

Select and adjust 15 cm deep shelf

Shelves with a depth of 15 cm from Pickawood UK

At Pickawood UK, we can make almost any straight-cut shelf to your exact specifications. Our custom-made 15 cm deep shelves are made of high-quality solid wood or MDF with a finish of your choice. There are over 200 colours to choose from. We can cut your 15 cm deep shelves exactly to fit any type of shelf. Whether it's shelving for storage, TV shelving or shelving for the kitchen and bathroom.

Plan your shelving in easy steps

We have made our planning and delivery process as convenient as possible for you. In addition to our user-friendly online configurator, which allows you to plan your ideal shelving unit yourself, our excellent customer service offers you all the additional support you need. Our furnishing advice is available throughout the entire manufacturing process to answer your questions and fulfil your wishes.

Pickawood UK shelves with 15 cm depth: storage space with style

A shelf isn't just an item to store your things in - it's a piece of furniture that can change the atmosphere of an entire room. Whether as a backdrop for your decorative objects or for other utensils: shelves are undoubtedly one of the most multifunctional pieces of furniture there is. At Pickawood UK you will find shelving furniture in endless variations of shape and colour - the choice is yours! That's why it's so important to look at everything carefully before you buy a shelf.

Plan your individual shelving with Pickawood UK

Are you looking for a completely custom made shelving system? We have exactly what you need! Our shelving components are produced in numerous prefabricated heights and widths and offer you the opportunity to design your own shelving - whether you need a room divider, a sideboard, a bookshelf or a filing shelf for your office.
Be inspired by our prefabricated 15 cm deep shelves. You can either choose our suggested dimensions and materials or design your own personal desired product in our configurator and customise it to your liking.

Design your dream piece of furniture at Pickawood UK

With the magic of Pickawood UK's customisable design, you can create a shelf yourself that perfectly suits your space and taste. Our custom-made 15 cm deep shelves are made of high-quality wood or MDF. Our solution turns you into a carpenter - without you needing to have the skills required to design a custom-made shelf. Large or small, tall or short, narrow or wide, deep or slim: in our configurator, you can determine all the details yourself.

What if I want to keep the shelf height variable on my shelf?

We are happy to make your shelving unit with a practical row of holes. This allows you to remain completely flexible even after you have purchased the shelving. Move the height of your shelves at a later date without any problems.

Can I move my shelf directly against the wall despite the skirting boards?

Yes, we can find individual solutions for this too. Just tell us how big the skirting board is on your wall and our carpenters will make the appropriate cut-out cleanly and precisely. You can specify the required cut-out to the centimetre in the last step of the shelf planning.

Are all Pickawood UK shelves made with a base?

As standard, all our shelves are manufactured with a 7 cm high plinth in the same material as the shelf body. Above all, a solid wood base guarantees a high load-bearing capacity and increases the stability of your shelf. So if you want your shelf to withstand a high load, we strongly advise you to use a plinth. However, if you decide against it, you can deselect the plinth during the planning process. You can also adjust the height of the desired plinth in the online configurator.

Which handle designs are available?

All our 15 cm deep shelves can be fitted with different fronts. You can choose from 8 different variants for the handles on drawers and doors. There is also the option of doing without handles altogether. For this, choose our practical Push-to-Open variant. If you want additional security for your shelving unit, we also offer the option of fitting drawers with a lock.

What materials can I choose from?

At Pickawood UK, you can have 15 cm deep shelves made of solid wood or high-quality MDF. The most popular types of wood include oak, beech heartwood and beech. All our wood comes from sustainable forestry and is processed exclusively by professional carpenters. Shelves made of solid wood offer the advantage of improving the room climate and creating a warm, homely atmosphere.
Alternatively, you can also opt for a 15 cm deep shelf made of MDF. This is medium-density fibreboard, which is slightly cheaper than solid wood and is very easy to work with. MDF also has the advantage that it can be painted very well, so there are practically no limits to your imagination when it comes to the surface design of your shelf. At Pickawood UK, you can choose from over 200 different colours to perfectly match your piece of furniture to your home.

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