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Custom made 120 cm wide shelves

Plan your individual 120 cm wide shelf online with our simple online configurator - at home or on the go.


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Solid wood from sustainable

"Discover our high quality custom shelves with a width of 120 cm from Pickawood. We custom produce each piece of furniture for you and deliver it to you free of charge."


Tim Ehling

Get inspired by planned, 120 cm wide shelves

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Your 120 cm wide shelf made to measure

In 3 steps to your 120 cm wide shelf

Set external dimensions

You can configure your custom shelf with a width of 120 cm up to a height of 3 meters.

Choose material

Choose your desired material for the 120 cm wide shelf from 11 types of solid wood and 6 materials.

Select fronts

Design your 120 cm wide shelf with doors and drawers according to your wishes.

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Pickawood: shelves 120 cm wide made to measure

Custom made shelves are practical little everyday helpers in your four walls. They help you organise, stack and skilfully decorate the room. The large selection of shelf wood types is particularly great. While living room shelves look aesthetically pleasing in the bedroom and living room, custom made hanging shelves fit well in the kitchen. Office shelving or a bookcase fits perfectly in the study.
Our custom-made shelves, for example, are 120 wide and ideal for storing your music or film collection. With us, you not only have the choice, but also the unrivalled advantage of being able to configure and customise your dream shelf. So it fits perfectly into the space provided and decorates your home to the millimetre. You can determine the storage space and length of your individual shelf yourself. Find your perfect shelf now. Our carpenters will manufacture your dream shelf to the millimetre.

High-quality shelves, 120 cm wide, for storage and living comfort.

We invite you to try out our made-to-measure shelving units. Here you can configure your measurements and customise the different shelves. Since this does not require a trip to the furniture store, but rather sitting comfortably at the computer, you can easily involve other people in the planning. Depending on the number of shelves or shelf length, you can individually determine how much storage space your new shelf or shelving system should offer. When you have finished planning, you can order customised shelves from Pickawood.
Bookcases in particular are among our custom-made shelves. You can adapt built-in shelves or book walls in your living room accordingly, depending on how you want to store your books. Of course, you order a custom-made shelf in carpenter quality here, which will later find its place above the bed. We also supply you with suitable custom made shelving systems for your study or office. It has never been easier and more convenient to create storage space according to your individual needs.
Shelves are one of the most useful pieces of furniture in your home. They are practical pieces of furniture that have become an indispensable part of everyday life. You will find them constantly in almost all areas of the modern home. Whether it's a spice rack, kitchen shelf, bookcase or DVD shelf, all types of shelves serve a specific purpose. Shelves are not only used for additional space, but also for purely decorative purposes.
Today, shelves create order, space and individually designed living spaces. In terms of importance, shelves are therefore in no way inferior to tables and chairs. Numerous designers have constantly come up with new or innovative shelf designs. Statics, however, have always been taken into account to create not only visually appealing but also stable new shelf models.

Made to measure shelves from Pickawood

Have you always dreamed of a wall full of books or prefer to put books here and there with a few family photos? Whatever you prefer, with our versatile shelves you'll always have everything that's important to you at hand. Shelves in white or oak? With different style and size requirements, you're sure to find what you're looking for here.
A bookcase is an irreplaceable piece of furniture in almost every home. Toys for children and important documents also find their place here. The possibilities are almost limitless. We offer a large selection of shelves in various shapes and widths.
Are you looking for a 120 cm wide shelf but can't find a suitable one? Rejoice, because the search is over! At you can order your desired shelf online in just a few steps. Whether as a bookcase or storage shelf. The possible uses of your new shelf are as varied as the configuration options.
For versatile planning options, your shelving unit should have many shelf levels! There are also countless possibilities when it comes to visual design. How about a classic beech wood decor or a modern glossy white decor? Just try out different decors for your 120 cm wide shelving unit of choice.

Shelves for real bookworms

In the past, books were stored in wardrobes. Now the open storage option is more in demand. Bookshelves are considered a furniture classic and are available in every variation and for every budget. Fortunately, tastes and living spaces vary and those who love to read usually have a lot of books.
To show your pride, you can set up your own custom made bookshelf. All your favourite books find their place here and are quickly at hand. At Pickawood you will find different shelves as well as shelves made to measure. There is something for every bookworm, from classic to modern, unusual and creative.
A bookcase can also be used as a wall shelf or room divider, allowing you to divide your home as you wish. This creates an open and modern room climate. Let us convince you of the large selection and the proven shelves with competent and experienced advice for your complete customer satisfaction.

For which rooms do you need shelves?

There are shelves in every room and somehow vice versa! Here you will find a large selection of models that will make a good appearance anywhere in your home.

What is a shelf for?

The shelf offers enough space to store different things. Shelves are particularly suitable in hallways, under a window or as a sideboard next to the custom made dining table. A corner shelf is great if you want to create a library at home and make the most of the available space.

Do shelves always have to be fixed to the wall?

Bookshelves do not always have to be against the wall. They are excellent as short side dividers. This way you can create a home office, for example.

How does the customisation of the shelves work?

So that you can enjoy your 120 cm wide shelf for a long time, we only use the best materials for the production. Pickawood manufactures all furniture in its own production facilities in Germany. After receiving your order, our experienced carpenters check your shelf design. As soon as the green light is given, production begins. After that, you will receive your dream shelf in just a few days.

What areas of application do shelves have?

Shelves can be used in the most diverse areas of flats and houses. Whether in the living room, the office, the kitchen or the bathroom, suitable shelves have been designed for every area of life. Shelves can be used almost everywhere and they come in many forms. Whether wall-mounted shelves, hanging shelves or shelves that can also function as room dividers, the choice is almost limitless.

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