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Record racks made to measure

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"Design your own custom record rack from the comfort of your own home with our easy 3D configurator, or get inspired by our design suggestions."


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Record racks planned for you

Record racks made to measure

Thanks to a custom record rack from Pickawood, you have the opportunity to stylishly showcase all your records. With the help of our simple online configurator you can customize the dimensions of your piece of furniture according to your wishes. A record sleeve has the dimensions 31.5 x 31.5 cm. Therefore, make sure that both the height of the compartments and the depth of the shelf is at least 33 cm. You will lose about 2 cm in depth due to a back panel.
If you have any questions about your furniture planning, our expert furniture consultants will be happy to help. 

Selected projects of our customers

Design your record rack made to measure

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Configure your record rack up to a width of 6 meters, a height of 3 meters and a depth of 60 centimeters and choose your dream material among 6 materials and 11 solid wood species.

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Customize the number and division of columns and compartments and provide your record rack with different doors and drawers.

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Our most popular record racks

Pickawood: record racks made to measure

Music lovers swear by their extensive record collections and want to store them in a visually appealing and quickly accessible way. Compared to the digital CD, vinyl is still popular and stands for a warmer sound, balanced dynamics and good signal-to-noise ratio. Vinyl fans therefore continue to prefer the record and it must be stored well at home. This is possible in a made-to-measure record rack, which is adapted to the size and order of the individual covers and, in addition, guarantees protection and durability for the valuable individual copies. The configuration is versatile, for both larger and smaller collections. Pickawood offers shelves made of many materials, including solid wood or sturdy multiplex.

Record racks for more protection and security

Records are first and foremost physical data carriers. This means they are susceptible to dust, knocks and scratches. Careful handling and proper storage are therefore particularly important to prolong the shelf life of the valuable recordings. Even a scratch can cause the record to egg or crack. The enjoyment of music is then completely lost. The accumulation of dust also has unfavourable effects on the sound quality. A record rack provides a remedy and ensures the protection of the collection.

Storing records properly - this is how it works:

Proper storage significantly increases the lifespan and sound quality. Many record lovers spend their lives collecting or owning valuable and old LPs by a wide variety of performers. Records for the genres jazz, classical or rock are popular. A high-quality record player with a heavy platter is a wonderful way to celebrate listening. The record sits in a cover and an inner sleeve. If you want, you can buy additional PVC protective sleeves that protect a record from pressure marks and dust.
However, it is more important not to stack the records, but to place them next to each other. In a custom made record cabinet, storage is particularly easy and clearly arranged. The records can be sorted by artist or genre and placed in the compartments. This prevents dirt from getting into the covers, while it is possible to browse through the collection at any time.
In the upright form, the records are not stressed in their sensitive surface, neither scratched nor deformed. The custom-made record rack can be optimally configured and adapted in size, shape and colour to your own preferences and needs. It offers enough space to prevent static pressure and not to store the records too closely. A space of about one to two fingers between the individual covers is recommended. This also makes it easier to leaf through or take out.

Made to measure record shelves - creative designs and versatile styling

Records are often precious mementos. Therefore, they should never stand around in old boxes, but should be easily accessible in a shelf directly next to the record player. At Pickawood, you can design the record shelf as a pure compartment shelf or with shelves, doors and drawers. Not only the records but also the players can be stored in it.

The special design is specially adapted to the shape and use of the records, and the made-to-measure design also allows it to fit into the room conditions. Sloping roofs, steps, corners, niches and angles are no problem. An oversized record rack is also possible and comes from Pickawood in carpenter quality according to your wishes and ideas. You can choose the suggested dimensions and materials or configure your dream shelf individually. The record shelf is an eye-catcher in open compartments and can be varied in width. We will also be happy to advise you on planning and ordering.

The versatile record rack for the wall or as a room divider

Record shelves can be individually planned in terms of size, shape, colour and material. As a rule, they are designed for the LP format and are permeable in the compartments. Accordingly, they can be placed perfectly against a wall or in the middle of the room to access the collection from both sides and to divide the room elegantly at the same time. The high stability of the individual shelves allows them to accommodate very large record collections that can reach several hundred kilograms. A high load-bearing capacity is therefore always important.

Which material is best suited for record racks?

Robustness, stability and a chic look are offered by all models at Pickawood. Classic are shelves made of solid wood, which are available in light or dark wood tone or in the desired colour and lacquer finish. The wood material comes from sustainable forestry and is easy to clean and scratch-resistant. Modern and stable record racks made of multiplex are also popular.

How many records fit in one shelf?

It is advisable not to store the record collection too tightly and to leave some space between the covers. This also makes it easier to remove them, while the expensive records are not bent by too much pressure. In addition, the covers are designed with different thicknesses. One compartment is suitable for about 50 to 80 records in large format, while compartments for smaller singles can be designed additionally and hold a good 100.

How stable are custom-made record racks?

The materials we use, made of MDF, solid wood or multiplex, ensure a stable and robust base that lasts a long time and also allows several compartments to be stacked on top of each other without any problems. The shelves can therefore be used to their full capacity depending on width, height and number of compartments. In addition, they can be reinforced with intermediate levels to support the heavy load.

How easy is it to clean record shelving?

A good coating and varnish make record shelving particularly easy and convenient to care for. It is sufficient to wipe out the shelves with a damp cloth or dry microfibre cloth. The materials are UV-resistant and the edges are sensibly sanded to prevent soiling in the gaps.

Is it possible to integrate CDs into the shelf in addition to records?

The made to measure record shelf allows for individual design and the depth and height of the compartments can be easily planned. Therefore, CDs can also be included or, in addition to the shelf, wooden shelves and boxes can be made to measure, which allow easier browsing in the upper area of the shelf. At Pickawood, the shelves can be configured smaller and larger on request to accommodate both CDs and LPs.

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