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Record cabinets made to measure

Design your individual record cabinet from the comfort of your home with our simple online configurator or get inspired by various design suggestions.


Plan record cabinet with
centimeter precision


With or without
drawers and doors

"Get inspiration from our design suggestions or create your custom record cabinet in our online configurator."


Tim Ehling

Discover record cabinets designed for you

Record cabinets made to measure

With a record cabinet from Pickawood UK you can perfectly showcase your record collection and at the same time have storage space for other items behind the fronts. In our simple online configurator you can customize the dimensions of your record cabinet. A record sleeve measures 31.5 x 31.5 cm, so make sure that both the depth and the height of the compartment are at least 33 cm. You will lose about 2 cm in depth by adding a back panel.
You also have the opportunity to be inspired by our design suggestions. 

Custom made shelves at our customers home

Your individual record cabinet

Plan record cabinets in 3D

Set external dimensions

You have the possibility to plan your record cabinet made to measure up to a height of 3 meters, a width of 6 meters and a depth of 60 centimeters.

Choose material

Choose your dream material for your record cabinet from 11 solid wood species and 6 materials.

Select fronts

Design your record cabinet with drawers and doors according to your wishes and order it safely and conveniently to your home.

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Pickawood UK: record cabinets made to measure

High quality storage space for your treasures: Get the perfect record cabinet for your home.

Records are true collectors' items these days. Their owners tend to cherish and care for them. It is therefore worthwhile to have a high-quality piece of furniture such as a proper custom made record rack for their storage. However, finding one that combines important aspects such as quality and durability can sometimes be quite difficult. Fortunately, there is Pickawood UK. Pickawood UK is a company that promises its customers to sell only furniture of the highest quality. And Pickawood UK keeps its promise. For this reason, the company has a large number of satisfied customers who regularly provide Pickawood UK with product photos of their purchased furniture. The best of these photos can be viewed online on the website by anyone interested. In this way, you can also get some inspiration yourself as to what might be a perfect fit for your own home.

The Pickawood UK online configurator: This is a quick and easy way to get your desired product.

When you start configuring the optimal custom made panel shelf for you, you will see that you can define all the important features yourself. The few configuration steps are simple and user-friendly. The first step deals with determining the external dimensions of your record cabinet. Pickawood UK advises its customers to keep an assembly distance if the furniture is to be placed ceiling-high or in a niche. The material is determined in the next step. You can choose between MDF coating, MDF lacquer, solid wood and veneers made of real wood. Then the thickness of the selected material must be determined. You can choose a thickness of two centimetres, three centimetres or a mixture of the two options. If you would like to see the respective change, you only need to click on the image. As soon as your wishes regarding the thickness have been entered, the plinth is to be adjusted. A plinth is recommended for reasons of appearance and stability. However, you can also configure a record cabinet that does not have a plinth. In cases of wall mounting, a plinth is also not required. The fifth step is about the columns. You can specify the desired number and view the selected width directly in the 3D image. In step number 6 you decide how many compartments your furniture should have. The bottoms of the compartments can be moved in the 3D image with a mouse click. In the next step, you can add drawers and doors to the compartments. No great effort is required for this. A simple click on the respective compartment is sufficient. The next step is step number 8 and also the last step. At this point you still have the opportunity to add additional options to your record cabinet. If you need an additional explanation, all you have to do is move the mouse to the adjacent info symbol. This way you will find all the relevant information. The details that you can still add to your record cabinet include: Rows of holes, a back panel and cut-outs for the baseboard. If your cabinet is to be mounted on the wall, you can also add your own bracket for the wall.

Take a look at Pickawood UK's extensive range: you won't be disappointed.

At Pickawood UK, you can not only plan your dream furniture in the online configurator, but also choose from a large selection of already designed furniture. The pre-constructed record cabinets feature a wide variety of dimensions and materials. If you particularly like a model but it doesn't fit in your home, for example, because of its dimensions, it can be easily modified in the online configurator. In any case, this range is a great source of inspiration for anyone interested in furniture.

How can I become the designer of my record cabinet at Pickawood UK?

At Pickawood UK, all customers have the opportunity to become a designer themselves. This is possible thanks to the state-of-the-art online configurator. If you follow the instructions in the online configurator, you will arrive at the perfect record cabinet for your home within a short time. Even more complex projects are usually no problem with the help of the configurator. If you have any difficulties or need answers to a few questions, you are welcome to contact the team of furnishing consultants. Your request will then be dealt with either by telephone, in writing or in person. Before you start planning your record cabinet, you should know about a few aspects. These include, for example, the dimensions of the room, the number of compartments you want and any extras such as glass doors.

Can I order wood samples for my record cabinet from Pickawood UK to get a better idea of the materials on offer?

Pickawood UK gives its customers a free wood sample set consisting of three different models. But you don't just get the set free of charge, you also get the necessary delivery. If you need more wood samples, you can order them additionally. You only have to pay a small price for them.

Can I choose colours other than natural for my record cabinet at Pickawood UK?

At Pickawood UK, you have the option of choosing every conceivable colour for your record cabinet. If your record cabinet has a lacquered surface, you can choose from a whole 200 colours. If you have a very special colour request, you can simply contact the Pickawood UK team.

Does Pickawood UK also fulfil special requests for its customers' record cabinets?

Pickawood UK produces a wide range of custom made furniture. Therefore, the company is used to catering to the special wishes of its customers. These include individual corner shelves, rows of holes and special interior lighting. Glass doors and oversizes are also possible.

What is the Pickawood UK 3D measurement suitable for?

Pickawood UK's 3D measurement allows you to measure your home with complete accuracy. It is particularly suitable for sloping ceilings and large rooms such as libraries. It is also extremely helpful when purchasing particularly large furniture such as a large record cabinet.

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