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Custom made pine shelves

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"Design your pine shelf individually according to your ideas and bring nature into your home. All our furniture pieces are made from woods from sustainable forestry."


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Width: 110 cm | Height: 150 cm | Depth: 28 cm
Material: Pine - Natural oiled

£ 838,33 Minus discount
Made for you in 12-16 weeks

Solid wood shelves from Pickawood in your home

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Customise the layout and number of columns and compartments and fit your pine shelving unit with different doors and drawers.

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Pickawood: Made to measure pine shelves

Pine shelves are the living room classic par excellence! A custom made shelf made of pine adapts to your home and offers both a practical and a visual benefit. At Pickawood, we only use high-quality woods that come from sustainable forestry.

What makes made-to-measure pine shelving so special

In addition to the high-quality material and the customised production, you can enjoy numerous other advantages with a pine shelf. The biggest advantage is the storage space, which you can use in many different ways with a pine shelf. For example, you can decide for yourself whether your shelf should be open or partly closed - for example by cabinet doors. Hardly any other piece of furniture offers as much individual freedom as a custom-made pine shelf.

In just a few steps to your dream shelf

At Pickawood, you are only four steps away from your dream pine shelf. First, determine how large you want your pine shelf to be. To do this, first measure the appropriate space in your home and then enter the data into the online configurator. In this first step, you also select the material and, if you wish, a special colour. In the second step, you then divide your shelf into compartments. The beauty of Pickawood is that you can customise both the number and the exact dimensions of the compartments. We recommend that you think about how you want to use the storage space in advance so that you can make the best possible decision here. After this second step, the basic features, i.e. the size, shape and division of your pine shelving unit are fixed. In the third step, you can add a few extras to your shelf. These include, for example, a row of holes and the option of adding small drawers to individual compartments. In the fourth step, you will be offered various payment options from which you can simply choose the one that is most convenient for you. You then place an order for your individual piece of furniture, which is then handcrafted by our experienced carpenters.

What are the advantages of a made to measure pine shelf?

A made-to-measure pine shelf primarily offers a practical benefit. The fact that you can optimally adjust the size to the respective place in your home means that no space remains unused there. Shelves offer a wonderful opportunity to store everyday objects well sorted and clearly arranged. Since they are always quite small compartments, they can be sorted better than, for example, large cupboards or similar pieces of furniture. In addition, you can decorate the free compartments as you please, making your unique pine shelf a real eye-catcher at the same time. Thanks to the individual production, you can be sure to benefit from all these advantages right from the start.

Where can I use a made to measure pine shelf?

Pine shelves are versatile and suitable for a wide range of rooms. In the living room, for example, a pine shelf can fulfil the function of a bookcase. Depending on the height, however, you can also place a TV set or other devices such as the telephone or the internet router on it. If a few compartments remain free, you can decorate them. However, a pine shelf serves numerous purposes not only in the living room, but also in the study. Especially there, order is required, which is why a shelf with several small compartments is ideal. The shelf surface can also be used for decorative purposes or as a further storage option. Made-to-measure pine shelves are also particularly popular in children's rooms, as the toys need to be neatly stored again after use so that no one trips over them. As long as the shelf is not too high, children can learn to tidy up themselves by playfully placing their toys, books or even painting materials in the various compartments of the shelf according to their own order system. In addition to the examples mentioned here, there are many other ways in which such a shelf can be used. Therefore, the following applies across the board: A made-to-measure pine shelf is suitable wherever there is still space and you want to use it sensibly.

How do I design my pine shelf so that it fits my needs perfectly?

To ensure that the shelf is optimally matched to your very individual needs, you should think carefully in advance about how you want to use the shelf. This means that you should not only precisely determine and measure the available space in your flat or house, but also consider how you would like to use the individual compartments. Make a note of which items you would like to store in them and whether you would like to use some of the shelves for decorative purposes. Then you can plan the number and dimensions of the individual compartments individually and, if necessary, add certain extras such as rows of holes or the like.

What other furniture does a pine shelf go with?

The timeless structure of pine adapts wonderfully to much other furniture, which is why you enjoy a lot of freedom with this variant. Of course, furniture that is also made of pine is an ideal match. However, if you want to place the shelf in the living room or another room where there are not many other similar pieces of furniture, you need not worry about the harmony of the individual furnishing elements. If, for example, there is only a couch and a small couch or side table next to the shelf in the corresponding room, then you can assume that the pine shelf will automatically adapt to your living style. You should be more careful if there are other shelves, sideboards or larger wardrobes in the room. In this case, we recommend that you choose similar structures and colours when selecting these pieces of furniture.

How can I decorate a pine shelf in style?

The beauty of a pine shelf is that it gives you maximum freedom when decorating. While with other pieces of furniture, sometimes the elegant and sometimes the more rustic style is in demand when it comes to decoration, there are no preferences with a pine shelf. Therefore, decorate it according to your personal taste and just make sure that the chosen decorative items harmonise with the other decorative elements in the room.

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