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"From planning to production, you get everything from one source with us. Let us inspire you or design your personal shelf made of maple to measure."


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Pickawood: custom made maple shelves

In Pickawood's online shop, you will find high-quality and visually appealing shelves made to measure from maple. We manufacture the shelves according to your wishes, made to measure and to fit your rooms. Because our maple shelves always adapt to the needs of our customers and not vice versa. It goes without saying that the carpenters at Pickawood use only sustainably sourced woods for every maple shelving unit they make, ensuring the highest quality. You will enjoy these individual shelves for a long time and can enjoy their solid quality for many years. We will be happy to advise you individually on the details of the maple shelving units and provide you with detailed information on the wide range of design options in the respective rooms. It goes without saying that such advice from our experts in wood and shelving construction is free of charge for you as our customers. If required, we can also assemble the custom-made shelves for you.
Whether in private or business premises, in the study or in the office, the maple shelves made to measure by us will enrich your ambience in the long term. The light and at the same time warm radiating surface of maple woods contributes to this just as much as their distinctly high quality. At Pickawood, we combine the beauty and durability of the high-quality wood with creative ideas for an individual and solution-oriented design according to your wishes. We also make use of leeway in the dimensions of the shelves and realise variable widths of up to 6 m and heights of up to 3 m individually and as required. With our online configurator, it is child's play for you to put together a shelf to suit your needs. You can design not only the width and height, but also the type and number of drawers and doors as well as the number and division of compartments and columns in the shelves according to your individual ideas. Simply place the ready-configured customised maple shelving unit in the shopping basket online and we will deliver it professionally to your home. On request, one of our employees will come to you and professionally assemble the new maple shelving for you.
Every wooden shelf we make for you from maple is unique and is manufactured by us especially for you and your needs. By choosing maple as the material for your made-to-measure shelving, you benefit from the advantages of this wood species, which is both solid and robust as well as bright and energetic. This is just as effective in a study or office as it is in a library, dining room or, for example, as a room divider in a very large living room. Let your imagination run wild when designing your room with maple shelves, we will support you with our expertise. Do you need suggestions for choosing the right maple shelf? Then take a look at a selection of design proposals for maple shelves in our shop and order directly online if you like it!

What are the advantages of maple as a wood for shelves?

The wood of maple captivates with its light and at the same time warm basic tone. Especially in smaller rooms, maple shelves visually create space and bring an airy and stimulating basic tone into the room. Maple is therefore very popular in the production of modern furniture. In addition, maple shelves can be combined very well with other pieces of furniture in the room such as sideboards made of the same wood. At the same time, maple is of solid and durable quality. To get a first impression, you can order a free wood sample. The combination with shelves made of other types of wood is also possible.

Do the maple woods processed by Pickawood come from sustainable forestry?

The wood processed by Pickawood comes without exception from sustainable forestry. We attach great importance to intervening in the forest biotope as gently as possible and preserving the natural habitat. The maple wood we use for shelving and other furniture is certified for sustainability and comes from nearby regions in Europe.

In which sizes can I order maple shelves and what do I have to consider?

You can order maple shelves from Pickawood in widths of up to 6 metres and heights of up to 3 metres. Within these specifications, there are hardly any limits to your design options for your custom-made maple shelf. A small shelf for the bedroom, for example, is just as possible as a larger shelf with doors or extensive bookshelves for your library.

Do I have to use the configurator for my order?

No, you do not have to use our configurator to order custom-made maple shelves from Pickawood. We offer you this form of individual planning of your shelves at home on the computer as one of several options. Alternatively, we would be happy to conduct a personal consultation with you as a service: We will be happy to provide you with comprehensive information on the phone. Or you can send us a sketch, a photo or a screenshot of your desired shelving unit. Whatever you decide, we will be happy to prepare a quotation for you afterwards. Of course, without obligation and free of charge.

How is delivery carried out, what does it cost and how long does it take?

The delivery of the shelves manufactured by us is always free of charge for you up to the place of assembly. We work with the DHL forwarding service in 2-man handling. The duration of the delivery depends on various factors, above all on the type of your desired order. You will find more detailed information on this in the shopping basket directly when ordering or in the configurator. Before and after public holidays such as Christmas, New Year or Easter, the delivery time may be delayed accordingly. You will be informed of this in good time by e-mail.

Do I always have to assemble the shelving ordered from Pickawood myself?

Either we deliver the custom-made maple wood shelf to you for self-assembly or you book a professional service with us. In this case, include the booked assembly service in the shopping basket. Or you can order the assembly of your customised solid wood shelves from us later by e-mail.

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