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Configure your custom HiFi shelf!

Design your individual Hifi shelf in our simple 3D planner or get inspired by our prefabricated designs.


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"Our custom made Hifi shelves leave nothing to be desired. Plan your furniture conveniently online exactly according to your ideas."


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Hifi shelves design in 3D

Your personal Hifi shelf

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Design your Hifi shelf up to a width of 6 meters and a height of 3 meters and choose your dream material from 5 different materials and 11 types of solid wood.

Design Hifi shelf

Customize the layout and number of compartments and columns and provide your Hifi shelf with different doors and drawers.

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When you add the shelf to the shopping cart with one click, you can still store various special requests.

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Configure your custom Hifi shelf!

At Pickawood you can very comfortably design your beautiful custom HiFi shelf in the online configurator. This will fit perfectly into your living room. With the customization of our carpenters you save valuable space. Enjoy a lifetime of pleasure from a custom-made HiFi shelf from Pickawood!

HiFi shelf made to measure from high quality wood

Our experienced carpenters use only high-quality woods for the production of the HiFi shelf, which come from sustainable forestry. You choose the type of wood yourself, for example beech heartwood, ash, alder or oak. Then design your individual HiFi shelf by determining those dimensions in the configurator that exactly fit your home. Now you determine the number of columns and compartments individually. If you need assistance with your planning, simply contact one of our furnishing consultants. They will advise you free of charge and without obligation. Upon request, our experienced partners will assemble the HiFi shelf at your home for a small additional charge. With our custom-made products you can furnish your home completely individually. You can customize every detail of your HiFi shelf. Of course, we also fulfill special requests. These include, among others:

  • Production of niche and corner shelves
  • Integration of interior lighting
  • Frosted glass doors
  • Door conversions
  • Oversizes
  • Cable outlets and TV recesses
  • Individual skirting boards

For HiFi shelves you can get inspiration from our templates. Some of the shelves have already been pre-designed by Pickawood designers. If you like these models, you can use the configurator to adjust their dimensions to your wishes. The fantastic HiFi shelves of our customers can also be very good templates. We always receive from previous buyers pictures of the furniture ordered from us, which look great in the users' rooms.

Refined details for your HiFi shelf

Add refined little details to your HiFi shelf with our 3D configurator. You can use it to customize the shelf very individually to your home. In this way, you create a completely personal piece of furniture online. Our interior design consultants will also support you with special solutions. If you wish, we can do the complete planning for you. Sometimes you have an idea, but don't know exactly how to implement it. Then just sketch your thoughts, write the dimensions of the room and send us this rough draft by mail. We will then prepare a free quote for you. One suggestion would be, for example, to make the shelf a little more individual with rows of holes. You can then insert the shelves as you wish - even later, if you ever want to rearrange your HiFi shelf. Our carpenters drill holes for this at 32 mm intervals. Metal pins are inserted there, on which you can flexibly place the shelf. Some of the shelves will have to be fixed for stability. You can also get cutouts for baseboards on request. Thus, your HiFi shelf stands neatly on any wall. Also, opt for a sturdy base on which the custom shelf will stand securely. It is made of the same wood as the body of the shelf and has a standard height of 7.0 cm. The base explicitly does not change the dimensions set in the online configurator!

Questions & Answers about the HiFi shelf made to measure by Pickawood

How do I decide on the type of wood for my HiFi shelf?

Pickawood makes your custom HiFi shelf from a wide variety of woods such as oak, beech heartwood, ash, alder and more. Many people want to see and touch the wood, which we understand very well. Therefore, we will send you up to four wood samples free of charge and others for only 3,00 € per piece upon request. Please feel free to take advantage of this opportunity!

How do I design the front of my HiFi shelf?

HiFi shelves can be equipped with doors and drawers, we can recommend this to you. For opening and closing, you can choose handles or a push-to-open solution (opens by gentle pressure). You first choose a suitable front in the online configurator. Then you decide whether it should have handles or the push-to-open solution. If you decide on handles, Pickawood lets you choose from eight different variants. Each of them is made of high-quality aluminum.

What does the HiFi shelf do in terms of acoustics?

The custom-made HiFi shelf not only serves to house your HiFi system and CD collection, but also protects the amplifier, CD player and record player - if you have one - well from vibrations coming from the system itself and from the environment. This will help you achieve a perfect sound.

Who will help me to assemble the Pickawood Hi-Fi shelf?

The assembly is not really difficult, moreover, assembly instructions are of course included. But if this effort is too much for you, you can gladly add the assembly service of Pickawood when ordering.

How can I make the HiFi shelf even more individual?

Choose high-quality hardware that will significantly enhance any custom piece of furniture. Pickawood's fittings last for ages and are very easy to adjust. They ensure smooth opening and closing of doors and drawers. Our fittings come from the brand manufacturer Blum. For even more individuality, you can add color accents to the HiFi shelf. Lacquered MDF is excellent for this purpose. You can use any color of the standardized RAL color palette. An inexpensive alternative would be panels with decor. Many customers also choose natural oak as a material. The durable solid wood goes very well with a HiFi shelf.

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