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Custom made 50 cm deep hifi racks

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"Design your Hifi Rack with a depth of 50 cm according to your ideas simply in our online configurator. If you have any questions about your planning, we will be happy to help."


Tim Ehling

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High quality racks from Pickawood UK

Hifi racks in 50 cm depth design online

Set width and height

The 50 cm deep Hifi Rack can be planned up to six meters wide and three meters high.

Choose material

We manufacture all Hifi Racks with a depth of 50 cm in one of 11 different solid woods. Alternatively, you can choose from six other high-quality materials.

Communicate special requests

If you want your technology to be as invisible as possible in the Hifi Rack, we can plan cable outlets on request. Simply specify this in the special request field when ordering.

Handpicked Hifi Racks

The most beautiful way to present hifi racks in 50 cm depth

There are those who believe that racks don't have much impact on the performance of a sound system. We disagree. Hifi or home theater electronics need support and isolation to create the best conditions for them to reach their full potential.
In our experience, good hifi racks can have a noticeable impact on equipment performance. Clever design elements like plastic casters instead of bare metal feet, or cushioning MDF panels that lock onto the floor, help to suppress vibrations and improve the musical performance of your gear.
So what do you need to know about racks? Most are modular, so you can choose the number of compartments you need. They usually come flat-packed and can be assembled in about 15 minutes. Also, pay attention to the type of wood your shelf is made of and choose a finish that fits your own unique style.

Configure your own design easily: Hifi rack with 50 cm depth

Our customized service allows you to tailor the width, depth and height of the product to your exact needs and create the design to perfectly fit the space in your home and the dimensions of your equipment.
The use of solid hardwood and our unique design process guarantee you top quality. In our workshop, we are dedicated to the ever-changing needs of our customers to provide them with the best possible sound experience.

The right place for your sound equipment

At Pickawood UK you can order a beautiful 50 cm deep hifi rack completely custom made from solid wood, real wood veneers, multiplex and our other high quality materials. Combine our quality woods to create a perfect custom product. Our custom hi-fi shelving provides ample space for equipment storage and looks great to boot.
The versatility and functionality of our custom furniture pieces is truly something special. Our hifi racks will look great in the hallway, living room, and any other room in your home. Even more, our products offer plenty of drawer space and storage for CDs, DVDs or other equipment.

Hifi racks that fit your needs

For even more flexibility, you have the option of including a mounting strip with holes that allow you to easily rearrange your custom rack at any time. To allow your hifi rack to stand directly against the wall, we will gladly add a base cutout upon request.
Our carpenters use only the best materials from sustainable sources, with most of our wood coming from European forestry. Our natural oils and high quality lacquers are also sourced from trusted dealers to ensure that your product is of the highest quality and will last.

Questions or problems? We are here for you

Pickawood UK manufactures custom, individual hifi shelving. From design to production, we offer a one-stop professional service to guarantee you the best quality and longevity for your new custom piece of furniture. Our expert interior designers and carpenters know their stuff and will be happy to help you with any design questions you may have.
Schedule a phone consultation with a member of our specialized furniture consulting team today and benefit from our expert assistance in planning your 50 cm deep custom Hifi rack.

Can I have my hifi rack made in a specific size?

We make all our hifi racks individually and by hand in our workshop. Therefore, you can have most of our racks made to any width, depth or height you desire. Please visit our website to view some of our custom designs to date. You can create a shelf to your own specifications using our online configurator, or contact us at 040 / 524 7777 0 or [email protected] if you would prefer to discuss your order with one of our Experts.

How can I elegantly store the cables on my new Hifi rack?

With our 50 cm deep hifi racks, all components of your hifi system can be safely stored. There is space for all the necessary cables on the back of the rack, so that annoying cable clutter is avoided and the overall design makes an elegant and tidy impression.

How is it ensured that my Hifi system in the 50 cm deep Hifi rack from Pickawood UK achieves the best possible sound?

Our 50 cm deep hifi racks help improve the dynamics of your hifi system, so you can enjoy the thrill of live or studio music in your home. The improvement a decent rack can make to your system will surprise you. Hifi racks from Pickawood UK will not only keep your living area tidy, but will also ensure optimal sound quality. This requires a lot of experience in the manufacturing of the racks. Music causes sound. The resulting vibrations must be damped to achieve a perfect sound experience. For example, plastic casters are more suitable than bare metal feet. MDF panels terminating at the bottom provide a firm stand to balance the hifi rack perfectly.

Can I have my 50 cm deep hifi rack customized?

We are happy to cater to your individual wishes and customize your Hifi rack for you. Whether drawer elements, partitions or a completely open rack - everything is possible and can be professionally implemented by our experienced carpenters. Together we can make your personal dream of the perfect hifi rack come true.

Can I get personal advice from Pickawood UK when buying my Hifi rack?

Thanks to our many years of experience in creating unique, custom made furniture, we can find simple and straightforward solutions to even the most complex design problems. With our expertise and outstanding customer service, you can count on us. Contact us today for free advice and guidance in the realization of your custom furniture project.

Any questions? Contact us.