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Customised basement shelving

Configure your customised basement shelving in our simple configurator or be inspired by our prefabricated designs.


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"In just a few minutes you can design the best basement shelving for you. Try out our modern configurator."


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How the planning works

Configure your individual basement shelving

Create basic shape

In the first step, you will determine the size and layout of the basement shelf. This can be done with just a few clicks.

Add compartments and doors

If you want to store your personal belongings in a dust-protected way, you can add fronts with various opening options.

Submit order

Are you satisfied with the planning? Then simply add the basement shelf to your shopping cart and order with your preferred payment method.

A small selection of our basement shelves

Create order with the customised cellar shelf from Pickawood

At Pickawood, you can design a completely customised basement shelf online and create order where it is urgently needed but often missing - in the basement. Our custom-made cellar shelves fit into your cellar or storage room to the millimetre, saving you space, although you will be able to store everything that belongs in the cellar. As is well known, many things are stored there, as they always have been. Hardly anyone stores potatoes and vegetables in the cellar any more, and most households no longer need coal. Instead, bicycles and hobby accessories are now stored in the cellar, the set of winter or summer bicycles is deposited here, and many a do-it-yourselfer also sets up the lowest room of the house for his or her handicrafts. For all this, at least one shelf is absolutely necessary, which of course should fit exactly into the cellar room. You can get this custom-made basement shelf from Pickawood. You can arrange everything clearly and store it in a space-saving way.

Sorting up high with the made-to-measure cellar shelving unit
Tools and sailing accessories, Christmas and Easter decorations, winter things, pickles and preserves need space. Usually a cellar is not very large in area, but it has the normal room height of 2.50 to 2.70 m, which is why you should definitely configure a higher cellar shelf at Pickawood. Stack things up to the ceiling. You will make optimal use of the available space with this sorting. Measure the cellar thoroughly. If you already have shelves or cupboards there, remember that you also have to move between them. If you have these measurements, configure the basement shelving at Pickawood. Another aspect is the load-bearing capacity: if you want to store heavy things in the shelf, you need a variant made of solid wood, which Pickawood will be happy to build for you. Light boxes with seasonal decorations (Christmas, Easter), some clothes and even a few jars of jam are not heavy, but car wheels and some tools are. Also consider the height and width of the individual compartments. Your advantage with Pickawood: You can configure the basement shelf completely individually. For example, you may have wide but not too high compartments at the bottom for car wheels, several small compartments in the middle for groceries (moderately high) and slightly higher and wider compartments at the top for boxes. You can also arrange a single compartment over the whole height for brooms, shovels, rakes, rakes and other garden accessories.

Adjustable height of the shelves in the customised basement shelving unit
You will occasionally change the order of your cellar shelves. Where there were smaller preserving jars in autumn, the larger cleaning bucket and accessories have to go in spring. The preserves were cleaned in winter, that's what they were there for, now it's time for spring cleaning with the necessary cleaning equipment. The corresponding shelf now needs a different height. No problem with the custom-made cellar shelves from Pickawood: as an extra, have side holes drilled for the adjustment of the shelves and put them in the way you need them! This works very easily with metal pins in the holes. Just fix some of the shelves at the right height so that the shelf remains stable. We will be happy to provide you with instructions and advice.

Does the basement shelf really only belong in the basement?

It is purely a storage shelf in a very stable but otherwise plain design. It doesn't really fit in a living room, where it would detract from the ambience. But of course you can also put such a shelf in the garage, the shed, the workshop or in the attic. If there are sloping ceilings in the attic, let us know: The made-to-measure shelving can be adapted to these at the exact angle!

Should a basement shelf have doors and drawers?

Das ist eine Geschmacksfrage. Sie können das Kellerregal auch ganz ohne Türen und Schubladen völlig offen gestalten, wenn Sie keine allzu großen Befürchtungen wegen Staub im Keller haben. Sollten im Keller weder Kohlen noch andere lose Stoffe gelagert werden, staubt es dort kaum. Das offene Regal ist auf den ersten Blick viel übersichtlicher.

Does the Pickawood cellar shelf withstand the humidity in my cellar?

We know that it gets very humid in some cellars. Therefore, the wood is treated, for which we primarily recommend a lacquer finish. Untreated wood could indeed become rotten in the cellar over the years.

Can I see a basement shelf from Pickawood?

You can see not only one, but many of Pickawood's cellar shelves on our website, because we have already pre-constructed some of them for you. Our satisfied customers also send us photos of their shelves, which we are allowed to publish. If you find one of our pre-constructed basement shelves that you really like, why not transfer it to the configurator: there you can adapt the dimensions to your basement!

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