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Up to 600 cm wide beech
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Beech from sustainable

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Pickawood: beech shelves made to measure

Create order and order shelves made of solid wood from Pickawood. In this case, it is beech, which is incredibly popular for furniture construction. This beech shelf adapts to your wishes and your living space by being made to measure.

Shelves made of beech: advantages of this type of wood

In Europe, beech wood comes mainly from the copper beech (Fagus sylvatica), which is very common in our native forests: In western Germany, 16 % of the total forest area is beech forests or mixed forests with a very high proportion of beech. This also means for you that the wood of these shelves comes from very sustainable forestry. There are no long transport routes. In Germany, around seven million cubic metres of beech wood are felled every year, which corresponds to about one sixth of the total timber harvest. Beech is undoubtedly one of the most important timber species. This does not surprise our cabinetmakers, because the tree grows straight in the stand, its trunk is fully woody with a very long and knot-free shaft. This is what counts when building furniture with solid wood. The knot-free trunk lengths of beech trees can grow up to 15 m high, which makes for very beautiful long boards for shelves. Beech trunks can also reach a diameter of up to 2.0 m, so that we can make very wide shelving boards from this solid wood. In practice, however, these widths are rarely achieved because the beech trees, which can live up to 300 years, are usually felled after 100 to 135 years. Then their trunks are up to about 50 cm thick, which is still more than enough for use as solid wood. You will love a sideboard or shelf made of beech for its colouring: Red beech trees are heartwood trees with an intense colour gradient in the core. In places, the heartwood and sapwood appear uniformly reddish-white, but sometimes we find a highly colour-intensive reddish-brown core, the so-called red heart. This is mainly found in trees that are over 120 years old. Accordingly, they are the favourites for solid wood shelving. The other markings of beech wood are also very beautiful, with even annual rings and pore-free longitudinal surfaces. One characteristic of beech wood is the conspicuous wood rays. They run radially as flat mirrors and tangentially as spindles.

Beech as a solid wood with the highest load-bearing capacity.

Beech wood is dense and very hard. The raw density is 720 kg/m³, and the load-bearing capacity and durability are roughly equivalent to that of oak. Also, the density is internally very homogeneous, which means that the boards of these shelves will not accidentally break at any point. This strength and toughness of beech wood is what makes it so popular as construction and furniture wood. Our carpenters treat it carefully before it is made into a shelf. The drying process requires patience and is accompanied by steaming. This improves the possibility of processing by bending, peeling and slicing. We can easily cut, plane, mill, drill and sand beech wood. Carvers and woodturners love to make objects of art out of it. Its bending capacity after steaming almost reaches that of ash wood. Nailed and screwed, a beech wood shelf lasts for what feels like eternity: You will possibly pass it on. The gluing strength is also considered excellent, and the surfaces can be polished, dyed, stained and lacquered excellently. This means: you can order your beech wood shelf from Pickawood in any desired colouring and surface design (lacquered or unlacquered).

Where does the solid wood for the beech shelves come from?

The carpenters of the Pickawood-certified companies only use beech wood from sustainable forestry. This is part of our philosophy. We know that the buyers of solid wood furniture attach great importance to this aspect. Beech grows very well in our domestic forests and can be used as timber and furniture without any problems.

How can Pickawood shelving units be configured?

You will find an online configurator where you can enter your desired dimensions and the column and compartment layout. It is really easy to use, but our consultants will also help you free of charge. For example, you can sketch your ideas for an individual shelf and send them to us, and we will design the 3D dimensions for you.

What other services does Pickawood offer for beech shelving?

We will be happy to measure your room, inform you promptly after your order about the status of production and delivery and, if you wish, also assemble the shelf at your home. Simply add this service to your order. Ask us at any time if you have any questions: Our advisors are always available by e-mail and telephone. Our customers in the north like to visit our showroom in Hamburg for personal advice.

Where can I see ready-made shelves made of beech?

Pickawood has already pre-constructed many custom-made pieces of furniture, including beech shelves. You can view these online. If you like a model, you can adopt it and adjust the dimensions to your specific requirements in the online configurator. For further inspiration, take a look at the pictures of solid wood shelves sent to us by our honoured, satisfied customers. If the customer agrees, we will also show them online. You are also welcome to read the customer reviews. You will find that the solid wood furniture from Pickawood meets with great enthusiasm.

Which variants of beech wood shelves are available?

Take a look at some suggestions on our site, from which you can also take the exact dimensions. You can choose a floor shelf, a niche shelf or even a beech shelf with wall bracket. The high beech bookcase is incredibly popular. Some buyers order it in heights up to ~1.90 (and even higher) to build a home library. For such a high custom made shelf, you need a small ladder, which we also offer.

What extras should I choose for the beech wood shelf?

Be sure to choose additional rows of holes so that you can use the shelves at different heights if necessary - even at a later date when you might be rearranging your custom made solid wood shelf. Our advisors are always happy to help you with further suggestions.

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