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Custom beech bookcases

High quality beech wood for your custom bookcase you can easily configure online.


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Beech from sustainable

"Design unique beech bookcases in our configurator. Or order one of the exclusive shelves from our designers."


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How to make your bookcase from beech

Design with just a few clicks

Set size

All shelves can be planned individually to the centimeter. Simply move the height, width and depth of the beech bookcase with the mouse button pressed.

Design appearance

Then you can customize the layout and number of columns and compartments to suit your needs. Each element can be planned with different doors and drawers.

Place order

Your custom beech bookcase will be made individually for you and shipped to your home free of charge.

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The advantages of beech bookcases

At Pickawood you get bookshelves that are custom made for your style of living. In our online configurator you create a shelf that is as individual as you and your interior! The shelves are carpentered from solid beech. Beech wood is great for furniture that must withstand loads or other physical impacts. Solid beech wood scores with great hardness, dimensional stability and resistance. Due to these material properties, the wood is also not very susceptible to scratches or other everyday stress tests.
In addition, there is a wonderfully harmonious appearance, which is created by the uniform grain. By the way, the beech bears the pretty title of the "Queen of the deciduous trees"! Its noble reputation is due to its quietly grained wood, which is at the same time very dense and hard. Thanks to its hardness, beech wood is particularly suitable for furniture that is subject to heavy use. From this extraordinary natural material, design your personal dream shelf. At Pickawood you become your own interior designer.

So bookcases made of solid beech wood combine stability with simple elegance!

Pickawood offers the perfect shelving solution for any room.
Shelves are space-saving storage space and representation space in one. Depending on your needs and ideas, you can design your shelf with many open shelves or focus more on compartments with doors. The proven design principle applies: "Form follows function". If you primarily want to create storage space and bring structure to the room, then many closed shelf compartments are the ideal solution. Do you want to present your books and other collectibles in style? Then choose lots of open shelving compartments.
With custom bookcases, even difficult room elements can be used wisely. Nooks or alcoves can be transformed into practical storage spaces without giving away precious other living space for storing things.
At Pickawwod you can become the furniture designer of your own interior. However, you can also look at design suggestions on our websites. You can use these suggestions as inspiration for your beech shelf. Or you may be so enthusiastic about a particular product that you want to buy it as it is. Of course, nothing stands in the way, then simply order directly the ready-designed shelf from our store.

Why is it useful to use solid wood for the construction of shelves?

If mainly books or office materials made of paper are to be stored in the shelves, a lot of weight quickly accumulates! So it makes sense to use a material that can support this immense weight. And not to mention, solid wood is a renewable and natural resource.

Can I change my shelf over time?

Yes, our shelves are as dynamic and varied as your life, if you wish. If you choose to integrate an unobtrusive perforated strip in the shelf walls, you always have the option of changing the shelf height.

What do I need to consider before configuring?

The space in the room that the shelf will occupy should be carefully measured. So, in advance, the external dimensions: the height, width and depth should be accurately measured and noted.
It is also best to think about the future today. Most likely, as a book lover, you will expand your collection of literary objects over time. Therefore, plan for a sufficient amount of shelf space. And measure your existing shelf meters of books to be able to realistically estimate the current space requirements. The extra shelf space you purchase with foresight can certainly be filled with other beautiful decorative objects. Or you can simply leave some open space blank, this little decorating trick will give the room a wonderful lightness.

Can I get help with the design?

Of course, upon request, experts are available to help our customers with the configuration. We will be happy to advise you during our business hours! In cooperation with our design professionals you can easily create your personal dream shelf!

I attach great importance to a stylish presentation of my books. What should I pay special attention to in order to achieve this goal?

Tip 1) For this purpose, the spacing of shelves and shelf walls should be dimensioned in such a way that large compartments for displaying special picture books or similar objects are also taken into account.

Tip 2) A symmetrical arrangement of shelves and shelf walls results in a calm overall appearance. A simple and therefore restrained furniture design automatically directs the viewer's focus to the contents of the compartments. This allows your books and other objects to shine without competition!

Tip 3) For presentation, open shelving compartments are the way to go. Placed side by side, the spines of the books show up beautifully. In some compartments, you can also display special books with the front facing forward, as is common in libraries. Some book covers are real little works of art, so it's too bad to hide them among other books.

Why Pickawood?

We have a passion for interior design. We believe that furniture should be designed at the highest level. At the same time, we believe that the design should be adapted to the needs and desires of the people who live with it.
In order to fulfill every wish, our customers can freely configure and choose every parameter concerning their beech bookcases.
We combine the highest functionality with individual and modern design! You choose materials, dimensions, open or closed compartments and other optional features. Your individual solid wood bookcase - your style! Thus, a piece of furniture is created exactly according to your ideas and spatial basics. For our products, even the most difficult spatial conditions, such as niches, slopes or corners are not an unsolvable problem. With individually custom made shelves, we offer the ideal solution for any spatial challenge. Clever and flexible shelving solutions are among our easiest exercises.
In doing so, we use only the best materials and raw materials. Solid beech wood is sustainable because it is a renewable and regionally grown raw material. Because we live design just like nature and are therefore committed to living in harmony with the earth's finite resources.

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Luka, Specialist Furniture Consultant

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