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Custom made alder shelves

Configure your personal alder shelf in our simple 3D configurator or get inspired by our prefabricated designs.


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Materials from
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"Discover our custom made furniture and get inspired. For our alder shelves, we use only wood from sustainable forestry."


Tim Ehling

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Customize the layout and number of columns and compartments and provide your alder shelf with different doors and drawers.

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Pickawood: alder shelves made to measure

Shelves are a real classic among furniture and can be found in almost every home. The fact that shelves are so popular has to do with their extreme versatility. They can be used not only as storage space in the basement or living rooms, but also as practical room dividers or chic accessories.
To ensure that they fit perfectly into their surroundings, shelves should always be adapted to the room situation. Pickawood offers you exactly this possibility. With our shelf configurator, you can realise your shelf vision exactly to the millimetre as you imagine it. Compromises are out of the question with us.
Whether classically in the living or dining room or in niches and inaccessible corners - made-to-measure alder shelving is suitable for many places and purposes. The configurator gives you the chance to adapt your custom made shelving to narrow areas such as the space next to radiators or windows.
To ensure that your shelving solution meets all your needs in the end, you should first think about how much space you have available for the shelf and how this can best be used. With sloping ceilings, for example, shelves with a slope on the side or back are a good idea. Our design suggestions will give you inspiration about the different types of shelves.
In the shelf configurator, you can freely design your desired shelf according to your personal ideas. For example, you have the option of ordering your shelf without a back panel and then using it as a room divider.
You start designing by entering your desired material and specifying how high, wide and deep the shelf should be. Hole grids are automatically planned for each insertion arch, allowing you to arrange the shelves flexibly. To ensure that you have enough space for books, folders and everything else, you should plan enough shelves right from the start.
Then choose the number of compartments. Divide your alder shelf into as many compartments as you like. The dimensions of the compartments can also be planned individually. Once the dimensions, shape and division have been determined, you have the option of equipping your shelf with doors and drawers. You can then add extras to the shelf such as additional rows of holes, a skirting board recess or wall brackets.

What are the advantages of a shelf made of alder?

Due to its light, yellowish-brown colouring, alder wood has a particularly friendly effect and gives interiors a cosy character. Due to its friendly appearance, the wood is often used in furniture construction. Since alder wood is not particularly weather-resistant, it should only be used indoors.

What surface treatments are available for an alder shelf?

In the online configurator, you can choose between the treatment types "Natural oiled", "White oiled" and "Clear lacquer". Naturally oiled alder wood has the advantage that it retains its original character and the grain is largely preserved. The oil creates a soft shimmer and the wood appears warm and light. The treatment with clear varnish is similar: the varnish leaves the wood surface slightly velvety and it turns only slightly darker. Treatment with white-pigmented oil, on the other hand, lightens the wood considerably. The result is a light, warm look and the wood is protected against darkening by UV protection.

What customisation options are available for my alder shelf?

So that you can optimally adapt your shelf to the conditions in your home, you can choose between several additional options at the end of the configuration process. For example, you can add special colours to the shelving back panels or select additional rows of holes that allow you to flexibly change the position of the shelves. Also possible are a skirting board cut-out and a plinth at the height of your choice.

What dimensions should an alder shelf have?

The size of a shelf determines how it looks and functions in the room. So both pragmatic and aesthetic considerations must always be taken into account. For example, tall custom made furniture that fills a wall almost to the ceiling usually looks higher. On the other hand, lower shelves offer the advantage that you can place things on their surface. For example, you can use it as a shelf for media, to put a TV on, etc.
The width always depends on the height. If you opt for a tall shelf, you are well served by buying several narrow units instead of a single large one. The reason: multiple units offer greater flexibility, as you can add or remove units as needed. If you opt for a deep shelf, you are well advised to go for a wider model, as this looks more compact and gives the room more character.
The depth of most shelving systems is at least 30 centimetres. In order to have enough space for storage, it is advisable to keep to this minimum dimension for you as well. Also, before you buy, think carefully about what you want to store on your shelf.
The Pickawood shelf configurator allows you to freely choose the distance between the individual shelves. In order to choose the right distance between the levels, ideally measure the size of your books or the other items you want to store in the shelf beforehand. Our tip: Leave a little more space at the top, especially for books, so that you can easily reach them from above and take them out.

How can I decorate an alder shelf?

What you fill the compartments of your shelf with is entirely up to you. First and foremost, a shelf offers storage space for everything that needs a place in your home. This can be books or magazines, file folders or board games. In addition, there is certainly room on some rows of shelves for decorations and mementos such as framed family photos or souvenirs from holidays.
If you want to give your shelf a particularly tidy look, you can work with storage systems such as baskets or boxes made of different materials. Alternatively, you can also showcase glasses, chic vases or decorative bowls in your alder shelf. The advantage: you can change the contents of your shelf at any time. So get creative and try your hand!

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