Our Solid wood and MDF for your Custom Furniture

We love wood! Wood is a natural raw material that radiates something primordial and warming. Wood breathes - and it is as individual as your taste. For your furniture you can choose, for example, from oak, button you can, pine, alder, ash or MDF - or many other solid wood types.

Oak - lasting and warm

Eiche natur geoelt 153x153

Oak - particularly valuable. Oakwood has a greyish-yellow to yellowish-brown heart. It is robust and known for its durability. Historically it was used for building houses and ships. It is resistant to weather and tolerant of external influences. Oak trees live for up to 500 years and the yellowish-brown timber gives furniture a pleasing warmth.

Beech - elastic and much loved

Buche natur geoelt 153x153

Beech - lasting and flexible. The characteristic colour of beechwood is a light yellowish to pinkish-brown that darkens only very slightly on exposure to light. Beech is very strong and durable, with particularly good elastic properties. It is the most widely-used timber for manufacturing chairs. Shelves and cupboards in beech are naturally also very popular.

Heartwood beech - striking and lively

Kernbuche natur geoelt 153x153

Heartwood beech is the heart of the beech log and is also known as red heartwood. Unlike ordinary beechwood, heartwood beech has a vivid and striking grain pattern. Only very old beech trees can be used for this type of timber, and then only 10-30% of the log.

Pine - an affordable entry level

Kiefer natur geoelt 153x153

Pine - a multitalent at a low price. Pine has a yellow colour that may also be yellowish-white or reddish-white and darkens to yellowish brown. The timber is soft, elastic and lightweight. It has a good load-carrying capacity. Accordingly, pine makes for a high-quality entry-level contender in solid wood furniture.

Alder - a uniform structure

Erle natur geoelt 153x153

Alder is a medium-weight timber that stands out for its soft, uniform and fine structure. Alderwood is easy and good to work with. It can be glued together very well and it holds screws well. It tends to split easily, however, if nails are driven into it.

Ash - robust and lively

Esche natur geoelt 153x153

Ash - ashwood is a very hard, heavy timber, yet also flexible. It does not split easily, and ash is somewhat more difficult to work than other wood types. Ash is not weather-resistant, but on the other hand, it is barely prone to warping. Because of its lively grain ash is popular as a furniture material and in high demand, being very resistant to wear.

Cherry - elegant and good for combinations

Kirsche europaeisch natur geoelt 153x153

Cherry - due to its brownish-red colour, cherrywood is very popular for furniture. It has very dense fibres and a uniform structure. The wood is good to work, and gives off a pleasant cherry aroma when sawn. Cherrywood combines very effectively with other woods and is highly popular, partly because it is very resistant to wear.

American Walnut - a precious wood

Nuss amerikanisch natur geoelt 153x153

American walnut - this timber has a dark and rather lively grain. American walnut is also known as black walnut, and compared to European walnut it is coloured more uniformly and a little darker. Walnut wood is easy to work and very durable. As a precious wood, walnut is popular for luxury furniture and is comparatively expensive. Walnut is not weather-resistant.

Maple - light and discreet

Ahorn europaeisch natur geoelt 153x153

Maplewood is very pale, though it darkens slightly on prolonged exposure to light. Its structure is unobtrusive and uniform. The advantage of maple is its robustness and ease of working. It is particularly well-suited to furniture construction as a solid material due to its high resistance to wear.

MDF - the versatile alternative

Mdf neu 153x153

MDF (medium-density fibreboard) - good value and strong. MDF is a material made from wood fibres. It is made by gently compressing finely frayed, largely bark-free shards of conifer wood into a homogeneous wood material that forms a low-cost alternative to our solid woods. Please note that our MDF has a thickness of 18 mm. The external dimensions you specified in the configurator are however still correct. Everything is adapted to this thickness during production.

Not sure? Request free wood samples from us

Still not sure which wood type is best for you? Then why not request up to four wood samples, free of charge and sent to your home. Then you can decide in your own time which type of wood and colour is right for you.