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Custom-made display cabinets: The ideal bespoke solution to showcase your belongings

Pickawood creates unique display cabinets in a high quality. A display cabinet is a real classic among storage furniture, because it fits very well with many interior designs. It offers a lot of storage space for various things, such as clothes, towels, documents, etc. You decide where you want to place the highboard. It looks very good in many rooms, such as the hallway, bedroom or children's room. The upper surface serves as a shelf, for example to store a key box or newspapers. The display cabinet can be designed in many different ways, so that you will find doors, open shelving units or drawers.

Are you looking for a display cabinet but can't find a suitable one for your home? That's because the dimensions don't always match 100 percent. Prefabricated highboards have the disadvantage that they often do not match the rest of the inventory. Especially in narrow rooms or rooms with a slope, our beautiful display cabinets made to measure come into question.

We offer you the advantage of having your own highboard made to the perfect measurements. Added to this is our outstanding quality, which ensures a long service life. This is especially true for high-quality materials such as solid wood: unlike inexpensive materials such as chipboard, wood is very robust. It lasts for many years and is considered very sustainable. Because it is not only the long useful life that benefits the environment, but also the gentle growth of the trees. Each tree stores around one tonne of CO2 in its lifetime, so choosing a custom-made highboard made of high-quality materials is doubly worthwhile. Walnut, oak, beech and numerous other types of solid wood can be found in our repertoire. This also applies to the other materials we offer.

Our team at Pickawood is very competent and has the relevant experience. Around 40 employees are at your service in Hamburg, Germany,  to guarantee you the best quality in custom-made wooden furniture. The friendly furnishing advisors and trained wood engineers take care of your orders with loving attention to detail.

We will be happy to assist you with the creation of your display cabinet. Would you like to get some inspiration? Then take a look at the free templates of our customers to get a first impression. You are welcome to use the templates for your own highboard.

Have we aroused your interest? Then take a look at the simple 3D configurator and create your custom-made display cabinet. If you have any further questions or would like a free initial consultation, please do not hesitate to contact us. Please contact us for this. We look forward to hearing from you!

What is a display cabinet?
A display cabinet or highboard belongs to the sideboard category and is very tall. As a rule, it has a height of 100 to 130 centimetres. But of course we would be happy to create models for you that have other dimensions.

What is the difference between a highboard and a sideboard?
A highboard stands out because of its height: With a sideboard (also called lowboard), the low height is decisive. On the other hand, a sideboard is usually wider and is used for other things such as electronics or crockery. You like to fill a highboard with textiles, papers or other objects.

For which rooms is a display cabinet suitable?
Our exclusive highboards are suitable for different rooms. It depends on what you use the highboard for. The beautiful pieces of furniture are often found in the hallway, living room or children's room.

How do I create my display cabinet to measure?
To create it, we need the dimensions, the type of wood, the design and the feet. You select these things with a few clicks, which you save in our 3D configurator. We use this template to build your display cabinet to measure.

What materials are used for the carcase?
We use high-quality materials such as real wood veneer, solid wood or MDF coated or lacquered.

What colours are the doors, drawers and carcase?
You can choose one or more colours for your display cabinet. We offer you a colour spectrum from the 200 RAL colours. You can choose whether the entire carcase or only parts such as the doors are customized in colour.

What do the feet of the display cabinet look like?
You have a choice of six feet for your display cabinet. Everything is available, from castors to metal and wooden feet. The feet can vary in height from two to ten centimetres. 

What handles are available?
If you go for handles, there is a large selection available from us. The handles are made of brushed steel, chrome or aluminium. They are attached to the front or the top of the door and vary in length.

What kind of care does a custom-made display cabinet need?
That depends entirely on the type of material we have used for your display cabinet. As a rule, a damp cloth without chemicals is sufficient for cleaning. A duster keeps away unwelcome dust and makes the display cabinet shine again.