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Pickawood is your furniture manufacturer where you can have buffets made to measure. We offer you the highest quality according to your specifications and do something for the environment at the same time. Because our high-quality materials, such as the noble solid wood, mean that the pieces of furniture will last for a long time. The buffets are characterised by a low height and a long line. The long width makes the buffet, which belongs to the sideboards. The low height of the buffet is ideal for placing the TV on it, for example. So how about a beautiful buffet that fits perfectly into your interior? Many of our customers have the desire to find a buffet to match the rest of the inventory. The search is usually difficult because of the dimensions, the design or the inferior quality.

In order to offer you the best lowboard, a 3D configurator is available. In this way, you can easily design your own customised lowboard on the end device. We will do the rest for you! Are you looking for a lowboard, but your dimensions are not available anywhere? Or do you not like the current range of mass-produced lowboards? We have the solution: We offer you high-quality lowboards according to your wishes. Even special requests are no problem for us, which we will gladly process for you. The custom-made buffets are lovingly produced by our experts. We use high-quality materials such as solid wood, real veneer wood or steel for the handles and feet.

Create your custom-made buffet easily and with just a few clicks, which you can use for different purposes. Many of our customers use the lowboard as a TV base cabinet or to store crockery, towels or toys. Choose the dimensions you want, the materials for the sides, fronts, feet and handles and one or more colours. You can choose from various models and over 200 GAL colours. Are you not sure whether the materials or colours match the rest of your furnishings? Then order a free wood sample from us! To get even more ideas, we offer ready-made design proposals: This service will help you find your dream custom-made lowboard even faster!

We at Pickawood will do our best for your custom-made lowboard! Our team is available to you during our business hours with help and advice. Feel free to contact us or get in touch with us. Do you need more tips or inspiration? On our social channels you will find many ideas around our beautiful custom-made furniture! Would you like to talk to us in person or do you have the desire to see some of our products live and in colour? Then come and visit us in our showroom in Hamburg. We look forward to your visit!

What distinguishes a good buffet?
A good buffet comes in a high quality. We at Pickawood guarantee you first-class quality. The handmade furniture is lovingly crafted in detail and carefully finished.

For which rooms is a lowboard suitable?
Most of our customers use the beautiful lowboards in different rooms. They are often placed in the living room, dining room or bedroom. They are also popular in the hallway, children's room or study.

How high is a buffet?
As a rule, a lowboard is never higher than 70 centimetres. Then the custom-made sideboard is already considered a chest of drawers and the width is reduced. The good thing about Pickawood is that you can enter your own personal measurements!

What is a buffet good for?
The buffet is very suitable for creating storage space. It is best to store clothes, towels, documents and more in the compartments and drawers. Crockery and glasses are also possible. The shelf space is perfect for the TV or for decorations.

What material is available?
We offer only the best quality materials. Solid wood and real veneer wood are available in various types of wood such as oak, walnut, maple or beech.

What colour are the fronts, sides and compartments?
You can design the fronts, sides and compartments according to your own ideas. Just take a look at the 200 GAL colours that you can play with in the 3-D configurator.

How do I create a customised buffet?
With our practical 3-D configurator, you can create your customised buffet in just a few minutes. If you have any questions, our team will be happy to advise you. You can also use our already designed drawings and designs to get a concrete picture.

I have a drawing for my desired buffet: How do I proceed?
Enter the calculated dimensions in the configurator and select the material, colour, feet and handles. Otherwise, we will be happy to help you with your drawing!

How do I clean a buffet?
Our buffets are easy to clean with a damp cloth.