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Custom made beech corner shelves

Discover the unique possibilities for your new solid beech corner shelf.


Beech wood from
sustainable forestry


We plan with
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"Beech wood is one of the best woods for furniture making. Plan your corner shelf made of beech with our online configurator."


Tim Ehling

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How to choose your corner shelf

Design corner shelves from beech

Plan first shelf

To order a corner shelf made of beech, plan two individual shelves, which will be connected by our designers. To do this, start with the design of the first shelf.

Create second shelf

Once you have planned one side of the future corner shelf made to measure, you can create the second shelf of beech. Please make sure that the shelves in the corner are at the same height, so that the shelves can be connected.

Deposit special request

Once you are satisfied with your planning, place both shelves in the shopping cart and specify as a special request that you want to order the two pieces of furniture as a corner shelf made of beech. Your order will be checked by us immediately.

Choose suitable corner shelves and connect them with each other

High quality custom beech corner shelves

A corner shelf is the individual alternative to the large custom bookcase. You create space for the large home library without having to obstruct an entire wall with a large shelf. With corner shelves you can implement numerous attractive room designs. Pickawood allows you to create individual shelves in the convenient configurator online. You are completely independent of standard models, standard dimensions, specifications for designs and compartment division in the trade. Become your own designer and simply design the corner shelf that optimally fits your needs online at home.

Beech is one of the most popular furniture woods. The hardwood is made for decorative bookshelves and home shelves. Pickawood offers you only high-quality solid wood from sustainable forestry for your shelf. Planning your own beech corner shelf in our configurator allows you to create many great designs. You can plan both corner pieces at the same height, build tiered shelves, design shelves and doors of wood or glass as you like. There is the unused wall above the door to the room? Simply convert the door with the new corner shelf. Small apartment? Combine your corner shelf with a custom closet or sideboard. Add drawers in the configurator, shelves of different length and height for your shelf. Choose from numerous handle designs for drawers or doors. On request, you can equip your corner shelf beech with lighting, wiring or a large TV and hi-fi compartment. In the 3D view you will get vivid impressions. Until the order can

Create custom storage space in the attic with a beautiful, perfectly matched corner shelf made of beech. The friendly, light beech wood makes the room look cozy and homey. Add a couple of glass doors to visually soften the design from the floor to the ceiling slope. The dimensions of both parts of the shelf are adjusted exactly to the respective slope. So you can use the attic space to the last centimeter, create storage space and a beautiful ambience. If you have problems with the exact measurement in the attic, simply order from us the measurement of the external expert.

For all questions, problems and special requests, our team of experienced, qualified professionals is at your disposal. We will provide you with professional consultations on various designs, wood quality from beech corner shelf, proper measurement and more. We are open to the special requests of our clientele. Order from us a wide variety of special designs such as door conversions or depth offsets for your corner shelf made of beech.

Your corner shelf made of beech will be manufactured exactly according to your configuration with us from sustainable solid wood. The shelf is already perfectly prepared for assembly upon delivery. All parts are provided with appropriate drill holes and cutouts and clearly labeled. Therefore, you will have no problems with the assembly of your corner shelf. Of course, the delivery also includes the necessary accessories for assembly. You can start directly with the assembly of your new shelf.

Configure with us individual corner shelves made of solid beech for your own home or office. You are guaranteed to receive a high-quality, custom-made piece of furniture.

How is a corner shelf designed in the configurator?

There is no separate configurator specifically for corner shelving. You design both shelf parts individually in the configurator, including any special designs you want. Then inform us that you would like to assemble this shelf as a corner shelf. Upon request, we will create a special configuration with a non-binding offer.

What are the variations of corner shelves?

Corner shelves can be mounted within an angle of the room or enclose a corner. A wrap-around corner shelf made of beech for the home library creates a completely new view of the room. Corner shelving is a great solution when the shelving wall is adjoined by a short, unused wall, such as in front of a door or window. A lot of storage space is provided by ceiling-high corner shelves. Low bookcases, corner hanging shelves and corner stepped shelves, on the other hand, loosen up the look of the room. Configure a space-saving corner shelf made of beech for the smaller study. Use the free space next to the desk or office cabinet.

What interior does a corner shelf made of beech match?

A simple corner shelf made of solid beech suits minimalist interior style, country house furniture, farmhouse furniture made of beech and classic interior styles. You can match your corner shelf beech color to the room design by choosing different shades. For example, we offer shades of coffee oiled, natural, heartwood natural oiled, clear lacquer or heartwood beech white oiled. You can order four wood samples from us free of charge. We will send you more samples at a reasonable price.

How stable is the ceiling-high corner shelf beech?

A level floor is crucial for stability. If the floor has slopes or unevenness, order height-adjustable feet in the last step of the configurator. You want to order shelf walls with rows of holes for variable assembly? Still fix some compartments to increase the stability and internal stability. With additional wall fixings you create permanent security. For a planned wall finish, you can plan skirting board cutouts directly in the configurator.

Which wood care is suitable for solid beech wood?

Whether oiled or lacquered beech wood - both are easy to care for. Simple dusting is sufficient for everyday care. Lacquered surfaces can be cleaned damp with a gentle cleaning agent. Oiled beech wood can be wiped damp with clean water. About once a year, treat the beautiful solid wood to a gentle oil treatment with a color-matched or colorless wood oil. So you preserve the beautiful wood and increase the longevity.

Is an assembly service offered for the large corner shelf made of beech?

We do not leave our customer:s alone in any situation. If you can not or do not want to assemble your new beech corner shelf yourself, you can order from us the delivery with a professional assembly.

Is it also possible to order without a configurator?

You have a fixed idea of the corner shelf beech? Send us a sketch. We will make the design and make you an offer. You can also send the photo of a favorite shelf and have it made of solid beech wood.

Any questions? Contact us.

Luka, Specialist Furniture Consultant

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