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At Pickawood, we settle for the best. It is our claim to produce every piece of furniture made to measure in an outstanding quality. In order to achieve this, our joineries go through a strict selection process. Our team is convinced of the production on site and commissions test furniture, which is put through its paces by our wood engineers. Only when we are sure that the joinery meets our high standards do we include it in our production network.

As nature is very close to our hearts, we only use woods from sustainable forestry for the production of our high-quality furniture, and we are constantly optimising our production processes. We use the remainders of the production process for our wood samples, among other things.

How it goes on after your order

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  • Every order we receive is checked again by us and then handed over to our carpentry workshop.
  • The joinery first processes the logs into wooden boards. The wood is sawn from the logs into sawn timber and prepared for further processing by gluing, cutting and sanding.
  • In the next step, the finished wooden panels are cut to the dimensions you ordered, holes and drill holes are prepared for assembly.
  • The woods of a piece of furniture are then oiled or varnished.
  • During the final inspection we check the furniture for quality and details of your order.
  • The whole process from the day of your order to delivery takes only 7 - 11 weeks.
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Modern machinery

Although there is a lot of manual work in our individual pieces of furniture, the use of machines in production is indispensable. That is why our joineries only use modern and high-quality machines, which are perfectly adapted to the needs of furniture made to measure.

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