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Pickawood: Discover and customise sloping roof shelving

Are you looking for a sloping roof shelf that optimally customizes your sloping roof? Then you've come to the right place. With our online configurator, you can plan an individual sloping roof shelf exactly according to your measurements. The space is used in the best possible way and the shelving unit is stylishly customised to fit the room. A sloping roof shelf is also perfect as a room divider or to separate a walk-in wardrobe. Especially in smaller flats, the space under the slope can be used in the best possible way to gain storage space. Simply measure the place where you want the shelving unit to stand and enter the dimensions in our configurator. In addition to the online configurator, we will also be happy to advise you free of charge by telephone or video and discuss your special requests individually. After setting the measurements, you select the material and the desired type of wood and its thickness as you wish. Different types of wood and materials can also be combined. You decide whether an additional skirting board is to be fitted. This can be ordered in different heights and is often used when the shelving unit is exposed to heavy loads. In the next step, the number and size of the individual shelf columns and compartments are customised according to the intended use. Depending on the slope of the roof, the heights of the individual columns are customised. If you click on the rows of holes in the last step, the compartments are not fixed and can still be adjusted later. The shelving unit fits perfectly under the sloping roof. You then have the option of adding various doors and drawers. These can be planned over one or more compartments as required. You can choose between normal doors, hinged doors, folding doors, glass doors and mirrored doors. The opening direction and types can also be selected individually. You can choose between different handle types or the push-to-open function. In addition to the strip with mounting holes, you finally decide whether you want a solid back panel or skirting board cut-outs. Other options, such as cable outlets, can also be taken into account as a special request.

Our sloping roof shelves are made of wood that comes from European forests with sustainable forestry. To help you choose the right type of wood, we will be happy to send you a free wood sample. The made-to-measure shelves are manufactured by experienced carpenters in Germany and Poland. We give you a two-year guarantee on every piece of furniture. In addition to the production of your individual custom-made piece, you have the option of ordering our design proposals in the shop or being inspired by them. We deliver the furniture to your home free of charge within Great Britain. You assemble the furniture yourself using the step-by-step assembly instructions provided.

Is it possible to manufacture a sloping roof shelf individually according to my own drawing?
Yes, you have the option of drawing us your sketch using our design template. There you specify the dimensions, desired materials and special requests as precisely as possible. The template can be sent to us by e-mail or uploaded directly on the website. Based on the sketch, we will send you your furniture configuration free of charge.

I have a request that cannot be taken into account in the configurator. Can it still be implemented?
Contact our experienced furniture consultants by telephone or video consultation. Most special requests can be realised without any problems.

Can the sloping roof shelf be used as a room divider?
The sloping roof cupboard can be used as a room divider. It is particularly popular for separating an area, such as a walk-in wardrobe.

Is a combination of open compartments, cupboard doors and drawers possible?
Yes, each individual compartment can be customised to your liking. Cupboard doors can also be configured over one or over several compartments, as you wish. This guarantees the optimal use of your custom-made sloping roof shelf.

How do I know how much my individual sloping roof shelf will cost?
While you go through and select the individual points in the online configurator, the price is displayed below. This will keep customizing itself according to your selection and will update itself at every single step.

Can I continue my online configuration on another day?
You have the option of saving your configuration. You will receive a link by e-mail. You can use this to call up the configuration at any time and continue editing it on the device of your choice.

I have no idea what my sloping roof shelf should look like. Are there any suggestions?
In our shop you will find a variety of design suggestions. You can see the respective shelving units as inspiration or buy them as they are. There is also the option of using the design suggestions as a starting point and configuring them individually. On our website you can see many photos of already realised customer orders. Perhaps you will find one or two ideas there.