Our multiplex wood type

A robust choice for larger furniture pieces at a reasonable price

  • Extremely stable
  • Made of multiple plywood layers
  • Very durable
  • Sealed and coated top layers
  • Good price-performance value
  • Reliable for large contrsuctions

Multiplex is the absolute all-round material, it is very versatile and extremely robustOur  multiplex boards are formed from several thin layers or 'plies' of wood to produce a solid construct Generally, birch, beech, spruce and maple are used for this purpose. Due to reasons of stability and price, birch is mostly used as the middle layer. These processed wood panels are particularly suitable for the construction of larger custom-made furniture, such as wardrobes and cabinetswhere their lighter yet durable qualities can shine. 

Multiplex in production

Multiplex is built up of several wood layers. These layers are glued together in an alternate arrangement lengthways and crossways. This cross-gluing prevents the wood from bending, which creates a high degree of dimensional stability. Multiple layers of wood guarantee the strength and durability of this consistent wood type.

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Colours and coatings

Since our multiplex has the same exterior coating as our MDF, you receive a glistening surface that is equally smooth, durable and easy to maintain. The crafted edges are treated with natural oil to seal the wood layers and to highlight the beautiful plywood finish.

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