Table in detail

Table length

You can plan our high-quality table models online to the centimetre. Many tables are available in lengths of up to three metres. To configure this length, please first select a 4 cm thick table top. A person needs approx. 50 to 70 cm of space to sit. Also make sure that the thickness of the legs reduces the amount of space available for seating.

Table height

The height of a typical dining table is 75 cm. In general, we recommend a distance of 30 cm from seat height to table height. So if your chairs have a seat height of 45 cm, you should choose a table height of 75 cm. Coffee tables have a height of approx. 30 to 50 cm. For coffee tables with a shelf, the shelf is at the middle height of the table legs.


You can plan your custom-made table online in our high-quality solid woods. We distinguish between oiled and lacquered surfaces, which you can choose from. In addition to the solid tables, we also offer fine real wood veneers. These are slightly cheaper than the solid versions.

Table edges

Many of our table models are available with different table edges. Besides the normal table edge, the natural table edge is very popular. With this edge, the table top is not straightened and the natural course of the tree is retained. We also offer round edges and the classic Swiss edge.

Comfortable seating

Narrow seating


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