Wall Shelves Tailor Made

A wall shelf serves many functions in a living space. It can be a place to put books, or act as a focus for displaying decorative objects or souvenirs. The options for configuring and planning your wall-mounted shelf are as varied as the possibilities are for using it.

Plan your custom wall-mounted shelf

Our wall-mounted shelves are extremely simple to plan and configure - the job is done in just a few minutes. Click on our simple wall-mounted shelf configurator, select the type of wood and colour and enter the dimensions you require. The shelf is supplied with pre-drilled holes and invisible mountings. Please be aware of the load-carrying capacity of these shelves. You can alternatively use your own mounting brackets.

  • Entirely customisable configuration
  • Over 10 solid wood species
  • Various colours
  • Hidden mountings

Materials used in our wall-mounted shelves

Our wall-mounted shelves can be supplied either in various solid timbers such as oak, beech or pine or in MDF. In all cases, wall-mounted shelves have a thickness of 3 cm. The colour options for solid woods are available here. Wall-mounted shelves should have a width between 30 cm and 150 cm. This gives you plenty of scope for designing an individual wall-mounted shelf. The edges of the shelf are slightly rounded (chamfered), which gives a classy look. Our simple online configurator lets you design the shelf of your choice in a jiffy.

The Invisible Mount

The Invisible Mount
The Invisible Mount

All wall-mounted shelves are supported by multiple shelf brackets. This system is suitable wherever visible mounting brackets are unsightly. The mounting plate is attached to the wall and the support pin can be inserted directly into the pre-drilled slot in the shelf board. Screws for mounting to an ordinary stone wall are supplied. A measure of tilt adjustment is also possible. Caution: wall-mounted shelves are not suitable for mounting onto plaster walls.

Tilt and load capacity of our wall-mounted shelves:

Wandboard montage 281 1

Once the wall shelf mounts have been fitted, these can still be adjusted.

Load-carrying capacity:
for 17 cm depth: 180 kg/m² (this would correspond to about 30 kg for a 100 cm width)
for 30 cm depth: 50 kg/m² (this would correspond to about 7 kg for a 100 cm width)

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