Your own custom-built library

Do you recall the wonderful feeling that surrounds you when you enter a library? The rarefied atmosphere, the smell and the meticulous order of countless books. You can create exactly these sensations for yourself. Building a library of your own need not remain a dream. Let us build your library for you, exactly to your requirements. You are welcome to contact us for advice.

Plan your library shelving yourself - it’s easy

Many books have perhaps been life-companions for you. There may also be particularly happy memories associated with many books. All these associations are worthy of a special place of honour in your life. With you can have a library built to your specifications, quite simply, and so bring the special atmosphere of your own library into your home. Try us out first by requesting our wood samples, sent to your home completely free. Hold the samples near to existing furniture or use them to imagine how this or that wood would look in your room.

  • Entirely customisable configuration
  • Over 10 solid wood species
  • Various colours
  • Cut-out for skirting board
  • Other useful options
  • Planning service

Trust Pickawood quality

Tailor-made items of furniture such as libaries are a matter of trust. With Pickawood you can rely completely on our experience in woodworking. From our secure purchasing process and our excellent free advice to the high quality of our custom-made libaries, with us you get everything from a single source.


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We have decades of experience in furniture-making and use only the best of materials. The result for you is furniture of the highest quality and strength.


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Our standard plinth is 7 cm high and gives extra stability and a very fine look to our shelving units. We can also make higher plinths on request. The plinth is manufactured from a single plank.

Skirting Board

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To allow your shelving to stand flush against the wall, we can create a cut-out to accommodate your skirting board. You can enter the dimensions of this cut-out in the last step of the configurator in terms of height x depth.

Doors and Drawers

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Why not select some extras such as doors and drawers? Our doors sit flush with the front of the shelving. The push-to-open system is particularly popular - just push the door to open it or to close it. Other handles are also available on the configurator.


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By opting for a hole strip, you retain flexibility to alter the heights of your shelves. In this option we drill a hole every 32 mm, and the shelves are supplied with metal pins that can be inserted into the holes. To ensure that the shelving unit remains stable, however, a few of the shelves are still fixed on taller units.

All Colours

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Choose your favourite colour from up to 200 RAL colours, or have the main unit in one colour and the doors in another. We also offer variety of colours for solid woods by the application of oils.

Questions? We will gladly answer your inquiry.

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