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Our solid wood species

Natural, alluring and extremely popular with our customers

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Solid wood is a valuable and versatile gift from nature that can enhance the aesthetic of your home or office interior. We only use wood sourced from sustainable forestry to manufacture your personalized custom-made furniture piece. This ensures you receive a bespoke item that is both lovingly handcrafted and ethically produced. Here we outline everything you need to know about the production of our materials and the special features of our solid woods!

How we manufacture solid wood panels

Due to its structural qualities and characteristicssolid wood is particularly well suited for furniture production. Solid, robust and versatile, it is the perfect material for our expert carpenters to use to create beautiful made-to-measure solid wood furniture. Before the wood can be transformed from a tree into a custom-made product, it must first be processed into solid wood panels. We minimize waste to ensure the entire tree species is used to manufacture our panels. Depending on the wood species, our solid panels can look very different. Some panels maintain a continuous appearance, whilst others are pieced together lengthways. These differences in species, appearance and manufacturing are also reflected in our price points.  

Patchwork slats:

Patchwork solid wood panels are the right choice if want an exciting, eye-catching look. With this production method, short wooden layers are joined together using finger-jointing and glue. The multiple parts create an intriguing aesthetic. Of course, during production, care is taken to ensure that the parts fit perfectly together and do not vary too much in terms of colour tones and grain. Patchwork gluing is our cheaper variant of solid wood panels, as the use of smaller wooden parts results in less waste. Patchwork panels are also very stable, as the short lamellas mean that there is little risk of warping.

Patchwork 7839 1

Continuous slats:

Continuous slats are recommended if you prefer a subtle look with the furniture piece appearing as if it were made from a continuous wooden panel. With continuous gluing, also called "stick gluing", continuous wooden lamellas are glued together. Special attention is paid to the harmonious interplay of the individual slats. The colour transitions and matching grains create a calm and homogeneous presence. Due to the exclusive use of long slats, solid wood panels with continuous gluing are somewhat more cost-intensive and slightly less environmentally friendly.

Durchgehende 7839 2

Oak: warm and durable

Oak is a native hardwood and is one of Pickawood's popular most wood types! It is used widely in construction, due to its solid and dependable qualities. Natural oak has a grey-yellow to yellow-brown colour and thus exudes a lot of warmth and calmness. With oak, you can see the annual rings of the tree, which creates a beautiful, even grain. Oak is robust, hard and durable and is therefore ideally suited for our high-quality, made-to-measure solid wood furniture. It is used in all areas of the furniture industry for both indoor and outdoor furniture. It is weatherproof and very resistant to extreme conditions. Oak trees can live up to 500 years!

We offer oak with the following treatments:

Eiche natur 200x200

With natural oil

Eiche wei   200x200

With white oil

Eiche mahagoni 200x200

With mahogany oil

Eiche kaffee 200x200

With coffee oil

Eiche wenge 200x200

With wenge oil

Eiche natur lackiert 200x200

With natural varnish

Beech: popular and versatile

Beech trees are deciduous and native Germany, making up about 20 per cent of the country's forest population. Beeches have a beautiful pale yellow to pinkish-brown colour that is very distinctive. It has a homogeneous and simple structure, which brings calmness and a soothing effect to a room interior. The strength properties of beech are also perfect for furniture construction and products requiring hard surfaces can be made from beechFurniture made of beech is extremely robust even without treatment and can handle stress and weight. Beech is the most commonly used wood for making chairs but is also a very popular material choice in general.

We offer beech with the following treatments:

Buche natur 200x200

With natural oil

Buche wei   200x200

With white oil

Buche mahagoni 200x200

With mahogany oil

Buche kaffee 200x200

With coffee oil

Buche wenge 200x200

With wenge oil

Buche natur lackiert 200x200

With natural varnish

Beech Heartwood: eye-catching and distinctive

Beech Heartwood is manufactured from native deciduous trees which make up a large percentage of Germany's tree population. A key component of the wood type is the red-brown inclusions that form in the wood over time due to oxidation processes and natural ageing. However, these inclusions do not appear until the tree reaches the age of 140. The inclusions create interesting patterns in the wood give a unique and distinctive look to each custom-made furniture piece. 

We offer Beech Heartwood with the following treatments:

Kernbuche natur200x200

With natural oil

Kernbuche wei   200x200

With white oil

Kernbuche natur lackiert 200x200

With natural varnish

Pine: subtle and economical

Pine is the second most common tree species in Central Europe and makes up about 25 per cent of all European forestry. It is a coniferous wood and has a distinctive tree sap odour when freshly cut. It is light in colour with a yellowish-white to reddish-white shimmer. Over time and with strong incidences of light, the wood darkens and can appear yellowish-brown. Pine has a strong structure and makes custom-made furniture appear lively and durable. The annual rings of the tree and the resin channels are usually clearly visible. These natural elements can also have irregularities such as knotholes, which gives the wood an individual look. The wood's material properties make it one of the most popular woods in the furniture industry. Pine is soft, flexible and light. It also has a high load-bearing capacity and is therefore very durable. Since pine grows very quickly and in large numbers it is very accessible and easy to work with. The wood is celebrated for its all-round qualities and is a great inexpensive option. 

We offer pine with the following treatments:

Kiefer natur 200x200

With natural oil

Kiefer wei   200x200  1

With white oil

Kiefer mahagoni 200x200

With mahogany oil

Kiefer kaffee 200x200

With coffee oil

Kiefer wenge 200x200

With wenge oil

Kiefer natur lackiert 200x200

With natural varnish

Alder: solid and structured

Alder is a native deciduous tree belonging to the birch family. You can find them at large in parts of Europe and grow well near lakes and streams. The wood texture of alder is medium-heavy and soft. In addition, it has a very even and fine structure, which makes it very attractive for furniture construction. It can be easily worked and processed. Alder has a reddish-white or reddish-yellow to light reddish-brown colour and radiates warmth. However, the wood darkens over time and when exposed to light. Alder is a popular choice and is very attractive when treated with natural oils. It is also a very suitable alternative to more precious woods such as cherry, walnut, mahogany or ebony due to its appearance and durability.

We offer alder with the following treatments:

Erle natur 200x200

With natural oil

Erle wei   200x200

With white oil

Erle natur lackiert 200x200

With natural varnish

Ash: bright and robust

Ash trees are native to Europe and North America and are hardwoods. Ash has an extremely attractive appearance and is very robust, which is why it is one of our most popular wood types. The light colour of the wood shimmers white to yellowish and has a beautiful texture. The ring-pore structure of the wood is popular and in demand. Ash is more difficult to work with than other woods because it is hard and heavy and difficult to cut. However, due to its high flexibility, it is also still very well suited for furniture construction. Custom-made furniture made produced from ash is very robust, resistant to wear and tear and impresses with a grandiose look.

We offer ash with the following treatments:

Esche natur 200x200

With natural oil

Esche weiss 200x200

With white oil

Esche natur lackiert 200x200

With natural varnish

Cherry: elegant and adaptable

Cherry is favoured for brownish-red colour, which is extremely desirable among furniture collectors. The structure and texture of cherry is very consistent and has fine pores. The annual rings are still easily recognizable and give the wood its elegant appearance, while the wood darkens significantly when exposed to light. Cherry can be found in large parts of Central Europe and is used here exclusively for interior fittings and furniture construction. Ceilings, wall coverings, veneers and custom-made furniture are made from the wood type. Its precious qualities make it is easy to work with, it permeates a pleasant scent when cut and is robust and enduring.

We offer cherry with the following treatments:

Kirsche natur 200x200

with natural oil

Walnut: rich and precious

Our walnut charms with its beauty and appeal and is sourced from American forestry. As an expensive and precious wood material, it is exclusively found in upscale furniture. It has a rich, dark brown to black-purple hue and the sapwood is grey-brown to light-yellow. It is common that the wood's fibres run straight, which leads to a pleasing aesthetic. The structure is quite coarse but very even and the annual rings are very distinctive. In contrast to the European walnut, the American walnut is somewhat more uniform and darker in colour and is therefore very popular in the furniture industry. Walnut can be processed very well and the wood is dependable if properly treated.

We offer walnut with the following treatments:

Nussbaum natur 200x200

With natural oil

Nussbaum natur lackiert 200x200

with natural varnish

Maple: bright and exquisite

Maple is a deciduous tree that occurs in large parts of Central Europe. The wood type is in great demand in the furniture industry because it is both light and robust. The colour of the wood is yellowish-white to white. However, the wood darkens slightly when exposed to strong light. Maple convinces with its structure, which balanced and smooth and displays characteristic annual rings. It is a medium-heavy wood type, is flexible and can be crafted with great success. It is an important raw material, especially in the making of musical instruments and solid wood furniture. It is particularly suitable for producing worktops and surfaces, as the material is extremely robust and can withhold wear and tear.

We offer maple with the following treatments:

Ahorn natur 200x200

With natural oil

Ahorn natur lackiert 200x200

With natural varnish

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