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Our real wood veneers

The perfect cost-effective alternative to our solid wood types

  • Cheaper than solid wood
  • Ideal for furniture fronts
  • Precise manufacturing
  • Significantly lighter than solid wood
  • Premium finishes
  • Gives the impression of solid wood

The benefits of our real wood veneer are extensive, which is why the option is available in a diverse range of different wood types. Furniture made from real wood veneer is lower in price than solid wood furniture, but this in no way diminishes its appearance or quality. In addition to our European real wood veneers, which are made of maple, oak, teak and mahogany, we also offer walnut and cherry veneers from America. Since real wood veneer is a natural product, the appearance is characteristic of our solid wood types and holds the same esteem. The natural grain of the wood is clearly visible and the different pore densities and light reflections make real wood veneers look just as exciting as solid wood. Real wood veneers are the perfect inexpensive option and very popular with our customers

Real wood veneers in production

The production of our real wood veneers is a complex and meticulous process due to the material's sensitivity. In order to process the material, veneer sheets are cut in thicknesses of 0.5mm - 2.5 mm and applied to MDF panels. Since the veneer is extremely thin, only the best quality wood can be used for this process. Though time-consuming the result is of a high nature giving the desired impression of premium solid wood.

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Colours and treatments

Our real wood veneers are as easy to maintain as natural wood and offer a genuine alternative. They remain durable and long-lasting and do not require constant care. We offer maple, oak, walnut, teak and wenge finishes so there is a suitable option for your favourite wood type.

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