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Stylish sideboard options

Let our products be the starting motivation for you and your own thrilling custom-made furniture piece

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Here at Pickawood, we produce custom-made sideboards in many different shapes and sizes. We invite you to explore our customer gallery, where our loyal customers have generously shared their thrilling design outcomes. We hope this provides all the inspiration you need for your latest furniture project. 

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Customer feedback

Here at Pickawood, we are pleased to offer a streamlined process that makes creating custom-made furniture easy for our customers. While our processes are simple and easy to use, we never cut corners when it comes to quality. By combining innovative technologies and premium customer care, we aim to exceed our customer's expectations every time. Our quality is trusted by more than 30,000 individuals and we look forward to welcoming you to the Pickawood family too!

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Our customer galleries offer the perfect encouragement to start designing your latest furniture project today! 

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Explore our range of sideboards and diversity of products here and find out about our design processes and wealth of materials.

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Entdecken Sie hier die Vielfalt unserer Sideboards und erfahren Sie Details zu der Gestaltung der Sideboards sowie der Materialien.

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Lassen Sie sich auf der Suche nach Ihrem Wunsch-Möbelstück von einer Vielzahl an Kundenbildern inspirieren.

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