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Exciting shelving ideas

Explore our made-to-measure options and find the motivation you need for your own unique furniture project

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Regal Kundengalerie1 980x490 mobil

Through a combination of in-depth knowledge and artisan craftsmanship we have helped to realize an alluring range of made-to-measure shelving solutions. Our loyal customers have shared their amazing outcomes with us and we thank them for allowing us the opportunity to showcase our quality.


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Library shelving

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Bibliothek Kundengalerie1 475x720
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Customer reviews

We have been setting high standards in customer service ever since our beginnings back in 2012. As our customers are the core of our business, we have alligned with our retail partner Trusted Shops, to give them the opportunity to share their experience and feedback. Why not see for yourself why more 30,000 people have chosen to join the Pickawood family.  

Door and window conversions

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Fensterumbau edit 980x720
Fensterunterbau 980x720
T  rumbau Kundengalerie5 980x720
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Wall shelving

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Wandboard1 375x500
Wandboard3 375x500
Wandboards7 375x500
88711 Wandboard Wandcube 375x500

Our customer galleries are designed to inspire. Explore our custom-made furniture collections to gain motivation for your newest furniture projects. 

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Discover our range of shelving options here and find out about how to integrate our intriguing features, custom options and premium materials into your design project.

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