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For a CD shelf you need a depth of 15 cm; for document files the depth should be at least 25 cm. The unit is assembled on its side. When specifying the overall height, you should allow a clearance to the ceiling to allow the shelf to be stood up during fitting.


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External Dimensions

Enter the external dimensions of your shelving unit here. Please note that a clearance of 2-3 cm must be maintained between the top of the unit and the ceiling for fitting purposes and a safety clearance at the sides is also required. If you have selected a full-length base and ceiling plate, the unit must be assembled on its side. The maximum height of the unit can then be calculated here. The safety clearance at the sides should be 1-2 cm each side.

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Varying Depths

If you require a shelving unit with different depths, begin by planning the whole unit with a single depth. We will then calculate the price for you including the depth differences. Simply send us the saved configuration together with your requirements for the different depths.

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Stepped Shelving

For stepped shelving (i.e. a shelving unit with sections of different heights), specify the maximum height first. In the following step you can change the heights of the individual ‘steps’ or sections.

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Multiple Wood Sections

Solid wood is available in lengths of 300 cm and MDF in lengths of 275 cm. Plywood is available in lengths of 250 cm. If the height or width of your shelving exceeds these dimensions, the boards (or the top and bottom plates or side panels) will have to be formed from two joined pieces. Please discuss this with us so that we can agree on the best position for the join.

Solid wood types and MDF

Ral 9003 weiss hochglanz 657x177 platte 789 1

Coated MDF is a good alternative to solid wood. MDF is a composite wood material made of compressed softwood pieces. It is robust and yet low in cost. The surface coating is a melamine resin.

Ral 9003 weiss lackiert platte 789 2

Painted MDF comprises a high-quality painted surface combined with the excellent properties of MDF board. We can supply the painted surface in up to 200 different RAL colours.

Eiche natur geoelt 657x177 789 3

Oak is a very strong, robust timber. Its brownish-yellow colouring radiates a pleasant warmth.

Buche natur geoelt 657x177 789 4

Beech has a light-yellow to pinkish-brown colouring. Like most woods, beech turns dark after prolonged exposure to light. Beech is a strong and particularly elastic timber that is very well-suited to furniture making.

Kiefer natur geoelt 657x177 790 1

Pine is a light coniferous wood that is lightweight and very soft. The colour of pine is white to reddish white.

Erle natur geoelt 657x177 790 2

Alder has a fine, uniform structure and is a good timber to work with. It is medium in weight and has a slightly reddish colour.

Kernbuche natur geoelt 657x177 790 3

Heartwood beech has a very attractive, vivid grain. In heartwood beech, only the heart of the beech log is used.

Esche natur geoelt 657x177 790 4

Ash has a vivid grain and is highly diverse. It is a heavy, strong timber and can thus be worked in more complex ways.

Eiche geraeuchert 657x177 791 1

Fumed oak is oak treated to give an altered colour. In the fuming process it is exposed to ammonia gas, which gives it a dark-brown colour. This makes it a good alternative to walnut.

Kirsche europaeisch natur geoelt 657x177 791 2

Cherry is reddish-brown in colour and has a uniform structure, which makes it very popular.

Nuss amerikanisch natur geoelt 657x177 791 3

Walnut is a precious wood, and this makes it more expensive than other timbers. Thanks to its dark, attractive grain and its high durability, walnut is highly favoured as a material for furniture.

Ahorn europaeisch natur geoelt 657x177 791 4

Maple is a highly robust timber with a very uniform structure. Although it grows darker over time, maple is one of the lightest types of wood.

Since wood is a natural product, both the grain and the colour may vary somewhat. You are welcome to assure yourself of the quality of our wood by ordering up to 4 samples here, free of charge.